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4/29/10 11:25 P

Totally agree

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CORTEGA1 Posts: 444
4/29/10 7:45 P

The book is good, and once you buy it, it gives you more spark tools.

Enjoy reading it. It's very motivating. emoticon

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4/29/10 7:23 P

I'm glad to hear there's a lot more about the food plan in the book since I just bought it myself (waiting on it in the mail now). I'd love to do more with my food planning than I am now, but I *love* SparkPeople so far.

Hope you enjoy the book too if you get it! :)

** Donna **

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4/28/10 10:31 A

My husband bought me the book for Valentine's day. I think it is a great resource to have and read often. It is a great motivator and make sure you have a highlighter and pen to take notes. Happy Reading!

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4/28/10 10:22 A

i think i am going to buy it through the website here as you get incentives when you do.

NAKIOMA Posts: 2,927
4/28/10 6:48 A

Guess I'll have to get one - our local grocery store had copies for sale - will look into

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4/27/10 8:58 P

thanks it does sound like a good book. can we get it at the local barnes and noble?

ELLE1018 Posts: 625
4/26/10 1:51 A

The book has sample food plans to follow and lists the foods that you should eat at every meal to get the right amount of fat, carbs, calories, and protein. This is the 'Mix and Match' meal section. I just think it is a great book and well worth the money.

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4/26/10 1:49 A

I guess I'd better get back to reading mine then! emoticon

KAYE454 Posts: 3,470
4/25/10 10:59 P

Yes lots more help and information

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4/25/10 8:05 P

Can anyone tell me, does the Spark book have anything in it that the website does not? Thanks!

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