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6/5/13 11:28 A

Sorry ladies I wasn't watching my inbox for replies but here is the one I use:

I have a batch cooling right now made with some new mini cake pans I found at Michaels. I'm not sure why but this round almost burned with 10 mins left on the clock. Luckily my nose recognized that "done!" aroma first!

Enjoy emoticon

ATHENA1966 Posts: 2,843
6/1/13 6:54 P

What is the recipe you use?


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OWLGIRL Posts: 2
5/30/13 4:08 P

Which recipe do you like? I've never tried it, and I want to try the one you liked!

JEWEL_FG SparkPoints: (490)
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5/23/13 11:21 A

So, I've heard of this "oopsie" stuff for a while now and tried several different recipes that left me less than impressed. They just didn't work out for me for whatever reason. That is, until last week!

I finally found a recipe that delivers.. When you're trying to go carb free or just very low carb, for me, this little "oopsie" is no mistake! I've used this "bread" for hamburger buns, sub buns (held up really really well!) regular sandwiches, toast and even used the batter to make pancakes. a little cinnamon & nutmeg to the mix and suddenly it's french toast heaven.. and all without the carbs.

This has seriously solved about 99% of my carb cravings.

What's your favorite way to Oopsie it up?

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