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7/8/12 5:17 P

My advice starting out is to take an honest look at what you are eating. Log in everything! You would be surprised how many calories you are taking in that you probably do not need to. Then start making little changes, like a glass of ice water instead of a can of Coke...things like that. If you are looking for replacements of high fat/calorie foods then just ask, someone here might know. Good Luck

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7/8/12 2:14 P

Thanks, KJ.

I'm weighing in tomorrow, so we'll see how it went this week. I was on vacation, but I managed to keep my exercise streak going (swimming, hiking, biking) and ate pretty well although I wasn't very strict with myself.

7/3/12 5:50 P

At 5'6" and weighing in at 240 I was FAT! Long story short I did three things to start:

1.) I walked 30 min/day (Oh, I had plenty of excuses not to walk but I forced myself to do and at a pace as if I were late to an appointment)
2.) I limited mysef to two slices of bread/day
3.) I stopped eating "fried" anything.

During that time I spent what spare time I had researching about how to lose weight, I figured if I did the leg work myself I'd OWN my success.

Good Luck!

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7/3/12 8:23 A

Well, I see the ticker option now. So, I guess I don't need any help on my last question.

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7/3/12 8:12 A

Just found this site and I'm reading the Spark book. This all seems like a good fit for me. I'm looking to lose weight -- currently obese, and my first goal is to make it out of the 'obese zone'.

Any tips, suggestions, recommendations are appreciated.

Also - I noticed many of you have a weigh tracker pinned to your posts. How / where can I add one of those?


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