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8/26/12 10:10 A

That's very cool! I might have to add that as one of my own personal goals!

MRS.DR.SHOT Posts: 197
8/23/12 6:15 P

Great job! I sometimes like to describe exercise as "fun!" not like "disneyland fun" but more like "that wasn't nearly as horrible as I thought!" fun. Have FUN!

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8/22/12 9:53 A

Well done! emoticon

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8/21/12 10:19 P


"Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."

~ Earl Nightingale
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8/21/12 9:39 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

8/21/12 7:49 P

A 5K Rookie Race sounds like a perfect first race. The fact that you are in training is great, too, because when the big day comes, your body will be ready. Keep up the good work and congratulations.

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8/21/12 5:44 P

There you go! Congrats. It is amazing how good one feels when it is done. Just keep on keeping on.

Maggie from Auckland the City of Sails in New Zealand.

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8/21/12 10:26 A


Lenore (Vancouver, Canada)

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8/21/12 10:23 A

Good for you. All of those steps mixed together will find you sucessful in your quest. Keep it up.

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8/21/12 1:43 A

I always wanted to be athletic, but was so not so! For the last 3 yrs, since I moved to SoCa (Land of the Beautiful Thin Women it seems) I have been fantasizing about running a 5K and working my way up to a haft marathon. Of course, I let anything and everything get in my way from feelings of being "too fat" to run, to over working and over eating for all types of emotional reasons. I don't know if I wasn't ready to give up my "Never-goina-get-fit" identity or not, but there is always some reason NOT to. Today was different. I signed up for the 5K-Rookie Race and I completed the 1st session today-and low and behold-it WASN'T Hard! And I enjoyed as much as I fantasised about it, if not more. Looking forward to the next one!

It's a great day!

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