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9/5/10 11:12 A

I'll be your buddy if you want. You know, I had purchased a dress and it hardly zipped on me and when I got my first fitting, it was a tent. I lost inches, rather than more pounds. I did lose 31 lbs since I started in January, but I didn't join spark till March. I ended up buying another dress and luckily the payment I made for the other dress is offset for the new one. I'll add you on, I will help you. emoticon

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8/31/10 9:54 P

Hey ya'll I'm new here for starters. I am due to marry my high school sweetheart in just 66 days and 17 hours. I am scared to death my dress will not fit when I go in for my next fitting. I have lost a little since I bought the dress because when I purchased it, it lacked a few inches zipping. Well when I went for my fitting in August it fit. I was so happy, but it still seemed that it wasn't quite comfortable. I refuse to alter the dress as it's something I've looked at for 3+ years. But I can't seem to get motivated to exercise. I eat less but keep bouncing between weights.

I have til November to fit in it but afraid to wait until october to realize I don't fit in it. I can't exchange it for a larger size because it's been discontinued. I can get is smaller if I should lose too much weight. I just wish I had someone that could keep me accountable for all this seems I can't manage on my own. My fiance is working towards a goal of his own but he seems to just be losing wihtout working at it and isn't physically able to exercise with me most times. I'm just so worried and have nightmares quite often about it too.

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