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11/15/12 11:01 A

I agree with Eloquentz. If this was basically a one off thing, then just chalk it up as a bonus, and maybe tack on a little extra calories for the day if you feel like you need them. It'sn ot going to change your spark ranges or affect your long term goals by not completely counting it this one time.

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11/15/12 9:02 A

I would just count it as a bonus and have a nice healthy snack to account for how tired/hungry I might feel. Remember, even if we don't count the bonus calories in the spark trackers, our body still knows we did it. The same as if we cheat on our trackers to make them look good but we're really eating more or excersising less than that, our body knows it.

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11/15/12 9:01 A

If there is an activity that is not listed and it meets the guidelines for cardio--elevating one's heart rate between 60-85% of one's max heart rate and sustaining it for a period of at least 20 minutes, than you may want to consider investing in a heart rate monitor that tracks calories burn.

Coach Nancy

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11/15/12 8:53 A

I think somebody missed the part where I said "3 hours of nonstop heavy duty house cleaning". I don't count "active daily living activities". But moving on, suppose I had some different unconventional excercise that was undisputably a calorie-burning, heart-pumping activity. How would I go about estimating calories burned?

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11/14/12 9:06 P

what I would personally do is enter my own exercise, count half of the time spent, but when it asks for calories burned, put 1.

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11/14/12 8:27 P


There is, however, we caution members to be careful tracking activities that are considered a part of our active daily living activities--you are burning calories and while these activities are an important component for helping us lose weight, it is best to track only those activities that meet the cardio criteria.

Coach Nnacy

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11/14/12 8:10 P

I get what Coach Nancy is saying--but there is a category in the fitness tracker for housework/heavy cleaning.

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11/14/12 5:33 P


When it comes to housecleaning, while you are burning more calories than you would sitting on the sofa, more times than not this activity does not meet the cardio criteria guidelines. Remember SparkPeople's program uses an active daily living multiplier for these types of activities, therefore, tracking chores such as housecleaning in your cardio tracker may hyper-inflate your calories burn figure. In order for an activity to meet the cardio criteria of elevating one's heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate and sustaining it for a period of at least 20 minutes. I consider days like this as a bonus.

Coach Nancy

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11/14/12 4:15 P

I've never added an excercise using the "Enter your own excercise" link before now. I did 3 hours of nonstop heavy duty house cleaning and sure as shootin I don't want to miss counting something that makes me so sore and tired as excercise. Thing is, should it count as cardio? I'm not sure how much hard breathing I did and how much my heart rate was elevated. So is it a strength excercise, since it included lots of stretching, bending, twisting, lifting, and other good stuff that makes muscles scream for attention? One more important question; how do I estimate how many calories were burned? I'm confused as to what information I should look for on the internet to figure that out.

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