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3/1/12 7:31 P

I run on the treadmill on weeknights because by the time I get out of work, its too dark to run outside. But on the weekends, I like to run outside only. You'll feel the difference in your first few runs outside vs.inside, but after that you get used to the difference. I feel it much more in my quads and calves. I noticed the same difference when I set the treadmill at a 1% incline- I really felt the difference the first couple times, but now it feels normal.

3/1/12 4:40 P

Do not wait for the weather to change, dress for it and make the transition starting now. If you wait you will not be ready to run on the roads.

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3/1/12 4:11 P

Me too! I run my 5K in two weeks! If the weather continues to improve, I will be outside! Thank you all for all the good pointers! Really appreciate the feedback & support! emoticon

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3/1/12 1:02 P

I'm running on a treadmill at the gym presently but am chomping at the bit for nicer weather to run outside. I registered for a 5k race at the end of May and want to learn to pace myself.

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3/1/12 5:58 A

That you are feeling a bit fatigued after recording your best time.

There are a couple of differences between using the treadmill and running outside:

* The belt changes the motion slightly.
* When you run outside, you have to pace yourself, rather than the machine doing it for you.

The best way to learn to run outside is to ... run outside.

Perhaps try deliberately slowing your outside pace until experience helps you judge your own speed better.


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2/29/12 9:48 P

C25K and speed work on not a good match, remember most running injuries come from doing too much too fast. Speed work, hill runs, etc are for already established runners.

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2/29/12 7:33 P

I wouldn't recommend any type of speed workouts when going through C25K.

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2/29/12 7:05 P

You can do a couple things...
a)Change the incline (more than 1%). Run at the 1% and move the ramp up and do some "hill runs" on the treadmill. This doesn't replicate an OUTSIDE hill run, however it will make a normal run out side easier
b)Change the faster! Do intervals of 30 seconds on/1 minute off, or do a progressive speed run (5 mph for 2 minutes, 5.1 for 2 minutes....)..again, not like a speed run outside BUT will make the outside runs easier

2/29/12 6:02 P

Welcome to the world of non machine assisted workouts. There is at best a very limited correlation between treadmill "running" and free running on the road or a track. A treadmill pulls you leg to the rear reducing your effort 50%. on the road you have to add that 50% back into your work. Run out of doors as frequently as you can to improve your running mechanics and your fitness. The key to running this time of year is to dress in layers and be slightly chilled when you start out, run into the wind outbound and with it inbound.

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2/29/12 4:32 P

if you set the treadmill with an incline still do not hold ontothe bar. You still want to run free. the tread mill belt does some of the work for you. Get outside when you can. I run outside all year around here in Ottawa. Snow and Ice my stop me if the road is too bad, but that actually only happens about once or twice a season. Other than that it is learning to dress for the weather, and say, "Hello friend wind, and brother rain."

Good running and be careful out there.


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2/29/12 3:30 P

I have heard a couple of different ideas.

1. Set the incline on your treadmill to 1%.
2. Make sure you get at least 1 outside run per week

I do a combo, I don't always set my treadmill to 1%, but I do try to get outdoors because the varied terrain and different surfaces can be a huge shock on the system if you don't stay "used" to it.

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2/29/12 2:37 P

Monday I decided to take my walk/run outside. I was to start Week 8 Day 1 of Couch to 5K but because I had lost a week due to a sinus cold, thought I would repeat Day 1 Week 7. Well I have to tell you it kicked my butt! I could not believe the difference between hitting the outside road & the treadmill! When I got home I surprised myself with the best time I have ever had since I started the program. A 13 min. mile!

So my question is how can I ramp up (no pun intended) my treadmill so when I run outside I don't feel so fatigued? I welcome any suggestions!

Thanks for reading & I await the responses!

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