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11/12/12 11:03 P

Think of your long term goals - health especially. When you start to go off track ask yourself if that situation, person, event, etc is worth losing track of what you really want.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,915
11/12/12 11:00 P

For me, having a plan that takes into account MY LIFE is critical for my staying motivated. When I start to feel like I cannot have this or that, or that the whole eating "stuff" is too much trouble, or I feel like I failed or blew it - I am not likely to stay motivated.

It helps to start with a few small changes. One thing I found very useful was to start tracking and see what I was ACTUALLY doing before making changes. I then made a plan that took into account the foods I am NOT going to give up, those I can take 'em or leave 'em, and those that I can easily give up. I plan treats/favorites into my eating plan. I don't give up whole categories of food or even single food items, but I change how often I eat certain things. I have foods I can eat any time or every day if I choose, those I have a couple of times a week and then those I only eat rarely. I also don't expect to be perfect - I KNOW I will make choices sometimes that are unhealthy, but I work on not making those choices too often. Tracking what I AM eating without making changes, is a HUGE help - it allows me to see where I can adjust my eating without it hurting too much. Smaller portions, measuring and weighing foods, changing from a BIG potato to a smaller one or to a sweet potato with cinnamon are all some changes I made. Hardly felt them at all.

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11/12/12 7:01 P

Have you read The Spark book? I checked it out from the library and it really helps you notice how much the website has been designed for success. Not to mention, the back story behind the company is really inspiring too.

11/12/12 6:03 P

Are you in any groups here on Spark? That would help.
Also, if you are using the tracker and other tools here, it is kind of fun to work on getting SparkPoints.
You may be setting too strict of limits on yourself.
You want to be creating a lifestyle for yourself and not just 'going on a diet'.
Set up some goals and start slowly. It is all about changing old habits and creating newer, healthier ones.

11/12/12 5:43 P

If you're having problems staying motivated, you may be trying to take on too much at once. Start with baby steps rather than trying to do a complete 180 with your life. When I started, I made little games out of it for myself. For example, I love pizza and eat it all the time, but I tried to see what little ways I could change it to make it healthier without making it taste too different than what I was used to. (Use half the cheese, add a handful of vegetables, etc.) That way I was still progressing towards healthiness, but I never felt deprived. :)

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11/12/12 4:15 P

I am having so much trouble staying motivated. I can do awesome for a week and go walking and eat right, then I just blow it for three days. Any suggestions on how to keep myself in check?????????? Anything would be appreciated.

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