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5/14/12 7:12 P

Hi FREDDAUKSZA3! I chose no more cigarettes in my life three weeks ago. It was actually the easiest thing I have ever done in my life....much more easier than losing weight! I recommend a book (yes a book) to help you change your mindset on quitting. It is a great book and has helped many quit (read the reviews)! Halfway in the all it took for me and now I think of smoking not as a friend lost but a thief that has stolen many precious years of my life. Why would I want a thief in my home? Hope you try it though, I think it will change your life! It's called: The Easyway to Stop Smoking By: Allen CARR...I bought the kindle version for PC and it was the best $8.00 I have ever spent! Good luck and you will do great! After having a bad reaction with the patches....someone on the team "No More Smoking" on Spark People recommended it and I am glad I found it!

By the way...I smoked two packs a day and loved it. Started when I was 12 years old......I couldn't live without my smokes or people would get injured....I didn't want to stop smoking but had to choose between losing weight or smoking....this is where I started when I picked up the book!

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5/14/12 4:56 P

I am totally in the same boat. I have been eating nutritionally soundly for about a month now and have started getting more exercise. But I've been smoking twice as much. I feel like now that I'm starting to get diet and exercise under control it's time to start thinking about a plan to eliminate the cigarettes.

Good luck to you!

4/1/12 6:03 P

Great job on improving your life!!! I quit smoking 7 yrs ago after a 2 pack a day 20 yr habit. It was the hardest thing I ever did!! I used the patch and couldnt of done it otherwise. I gave myself a year to concentrate on just stopping smoking and not worrying so much about my weight. After the yr, I then concentrated on losing weight. I have lost 80 and have about 20 more to go. I found that showering when I had an urge to smoke helped me. You can't smoke in the shower!! The was an online site that helped me I think it was. Stay with it!! You can do it!!

4/1/12 1:18 P

I know where you're coming from. I quit smoking last year on June 1st. It was the HARDEST thing I have ever done. I used the Chantix medicine and it really worked for me. I was ready to quit and knew that weight gain was inevitable. Chantix also has an awesome support system in place. They would send me emails everyday with different topics and ways to help with the cravings. They kept track of how much money I was saving by quitting too. One of my favorite things was the automated calls they made each day (you can choose when and if you want these calls). You simply pressed #1 if you smoked that day or #2 if you had not. They told you way to go or other congratulatory messages if you had not smoked that day. If you had smoked they told you it's not the end of the world. Everyone slips from time to time. The important key is to keep trying! As for the losing weight? I just started with Spark People a month ago, 9 months after quitting smoking. Just take it one day at a time. If you're worried about the weight gain from stopping then try doing something healthy when you crave a cigarette. Drink a cup of water, go for a walk.....there are some more great ideas on the website. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Sometimes a sympathetic ear can mean the world. emoticon

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
4/1/12 10:15 A

Congratulations on taking these (difficult) steps to a healthier you.
Quitting is awfully hard. I had to use different strategies. First, when I wanted a smoke, I would do ten situps. Second, I would wear rubber bands around my wrists and snap them at myself if the situps didn't work. Third, I drank a lot of extra water instead. Fourth, I imagined each pack of cigs as a pile of dollar bills and I wanted to keep the money for myself!

Other folks have tried cutting a drinking straw to the length of a cig and chewing on it, or sucking the air through. There's the e-cig, too. Nicotine gum can be helpful, or patches.

It's been three years; I'm sorry to tell you that I still do get cravings at times but I smoked for over 20 years and I know it's possible to stop.

Best of luck and keep exercising!

MWILSON432 Posts: 97
3/30/12 9:58 A

I feel your pain. Quitting smoking is so hard. Not only do you have to resist all of the cravings, you also gain weight. It is so frustrating. The benefits are worth it though...all you have to do is google "smoker's lungs" and you will find all of the imagery you would ever need for inspiration to stop. There is no magic pill to prevent weight gain when quitting. Smoking boosts your metabolism....from everything I have read that it is estimated that if you smoke about a pack a day, you burn an extra 200 calories a day. Which isn't that much when you think about it, but in the long run it seems to add up. The same can be true for exercise though. When I quit, I tried to make sure that I burned at least 200 calories through working out on the elliptical, just to make up the difference. If you build lean muscle, this will also boost your metabolism. Strength training is the healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. Granted with smoking cigarettes, you don't have to do any hard work in the gym. But it still has a really high cost...uh, your life. Strength training creates muscle that ramps up your metabolism and helps you burn fat around the clock. It takes some work, but eventually you get addicted to working out.
If I were you, I'd focus on quitting at the moment. A friend gave me some really good advice once...don't try to do two hard things at once. Focus on one and do it well. Quitting cigarettes and losing weight are two hard things. Its better to accept that for the moment, some weight gain is inevitable as your body adjusts and stops freaking out over you quitting smoking. Then, when you feel stronger, you can refocus to healthy eating and losing weight.
At the same time, try hard not to shift your addiction on cigarettes to eating sweets, etc. If you do, then you are setting yourself up for failure in a way, because you will hate the extra weight you gained and think that smoking cigarettes was the key to staying smaller. Its a good idea to find a hobby or something to take its place...knitting, scrapbooking, deep breathing, sugar free gum, games, reading...going for a walk after dinner or you eat is a nice distraction when you want a cigarette. Anything that gives you that feel good sensation that isn't unhealthy.
i hope some of my ramblings here helped. Please feel free to email me if you need support!!!

3/30/12 9:28 A

I smoked for 10 years. Then I use 5-HTP to help me quit. It is over the counter supplement. I have a friend who went to a weight loss doctor and she was given the same. I cannot verify if it helps weightloss, but it helped with the smoking--for me.

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3/30/12 5:08 A

I need to improve my health, problem is losing weight and stop smoking isnt working. If im doing good on diet i want to smoke after a meal. If i dont smoke i want to eat more. Any suggestions for help???

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