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9/6/12 10:04 A

OMG. I am on day three of the 5 day inferno. I swear I am so sore but I love it. It means I am working muscles that I haven't worked in a long long time! I am not sleeping well at night though because my arthritis is making me ache more than usual. I guess I will take some Ibuprofen this evening and see if that helps.

I have noticed that even on day three I am excited to do the workout for the day. I seem to have more energy and my overall mood has just really improved because I know I am doing something for myself! If anyone has any ideas on the aches and pains until my body gets used to these high, high energy workouts.

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4/27/12 6:47 P

Started the regular schedule this week, super excited that I'm still doing TurboFIRE every day :)

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4/11/12 12:06 A

It's sort of dancy kickboxing meets high school sports practice - jumping jacks, high knees, stuff like that - good music, and lots of fun! :)

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4/4/12 2:45 P

So is turbo fire a dancing type workout?

A day at a time and I will reach my goal. I am not perfect but I will forgive myself for the mistakes I make. Life is full of choices and sometimes we don't always make the best ones but that's what makes us human.
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4/3/12 2:42 P

weight has been fluctuating in limbo... can't believe i'm already in week 7 of the prep schedule.
I'm pretty sure I've never stuck to anything 6 days a week for this long since field hockey practice in high school :) :) :)

lost an inch off my waist, and 1% of body fat... I'm sure the results will catch up if I just keep going.

excited to see what the coming months will bring!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,002
3/18/12 4:55 P

Don't quit.

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3/11/12 11:18 P

I finished week 3 of the TF prep schedule today! emoticon

Down just over 5 lbs.

Eating better, using Shakeology, tracking calories and fitness minutes... can't believe it's been almost a month, the time is flying :)

I'm nipping my emotional eating with exercise, and it feels fantastic.

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3/4/12 7:28 P

This is my first time doing TF! Congrats on being in the final week!! I just finished week 2 of the prep schedule today, and I can't even believe it's been 2 weeks already... the workouts are fun, I don't dread them, and the minutes fly by.

Did Stretch 40 today...

Down 3.6 lbs since starting... it's amazing that counting calories, trying to eat clean, and exercising 6 days a week works... hahahahaha emoticon

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3/2/12 10:58 A

emoticon Saw your intro post in the Beachbody Buddies Team. Just wanted to check to see how things are going for you. Have you done Turbo before or is it all new? It's so crazy fast! But FUN!
I'm starting my 9th & final week of the Prep Schedule next week. It's still tough but I'm starting to follow Chalene a little more instead of Ally so much.
Looking forward to your update! emoticon

"What is not started today is never finished tomorrow."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~
JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,002
2/25/12 12:15 P

emoticon Don't quit. That is all that matters.

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2/24/12 4:33 P

Did Fire 45 EZ this morning.
Everytime I feel like, ugh, I'm so tired.. Chalene says something, or a new song kicks on, and I know I can do it!
I'm even craving healthy foods - which is usually the way it goes when I start working out again.
My emotional eating gets shut down, and I start fueling my body with things that I need :)

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2/23/12 5:43 P

Aaah! I don't know what happened... i only clicked post message once, but it looks like my computer went bananas.... can I delete the extra posts somehow?

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2/23/12 5:42 P

Goal #1- Finish the Turbofire Prep Schedule (Started 2/21/12)

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