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SGTMAJD Posts: 2,878
4/16/12 12:48 P

I am sorry but this sounds as bad as you say it looks. Don't think I would want to see it for five days in any rotation. Thanks for the suggestion

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 7,654
4/15/12 8:36 P

Haven't tried this yet, but its sounds like I could freeze this in portions and use as I need it, for lunch

MCNC72 Posts: 123
4/6/12 9:55 P

not sure I would like that...

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JACQUI1963 Posts: 42
4/6/12 7:22 A

sounds good .will try it an let you know when i get the items in.thanks

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4/5/12 6:46 P

Sounds really interesting! Thanks for the suggestion!

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3/22/12 3:38 P

I have created this amazing recipe I eat everyday for lunch. very filling, lots of fiber, very tasty, very low calorie & is enough for 5 days. UNDER 200 CALORIES PER MEAL!!
Doesnt look that great - but similair to bally sagoo curry (in looks)
2 x tins of canned tomatoes
1 x tin of spinach
1 large YELLOW/RED pepper (DO NOT USE GREEN!)
1 medium to large aubergine
1 large red onion
mushrooms are optional
150 grams of quinoa
Greem thai curry (If you like)
Veg, glouton free, veg soup stock
salt & pepper to taste

Soak quinoa for at least 30 mins before.
While soaking chop up veg into larger chunks so you have a varity of textures & sizes

Turn oven on to a gas 7
drain quinoa & put into bottom of medium sized crock pot
cover with both tins of tomatoes & spinach
Add a VERY large rounded soup spoon of green thai curry
Add 1/8 cup veg soup stock
Salt & pepper (quiet a bit as there is alot of veg )
If you like it really hot, add another small, fresh hot pepper (Do not add more than 1)

Stir together, & put in over for 50 mins
remove, leave covered for an hour or 2.
This will make 5 normal sized lunch/sandwich containers FULL.
It is very filling (I have to eat mine 1/2 and 1/2 an hour apart)
Keeps you full

looks disgusting... just be warned.

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