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3/29/11 10:26 A

I tried this one day at lunch I figured I like cottage cheese and salad hmm let's try together and fell in love with it

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3/28/11 1:07 P

SARA72121 Posts: 843
3/28/11 1:00 P

Lactaid makes cottage cheese. Only one of the grocery stores by my house carries it so you may have to look around a bit to find it.

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3/28/11 11:45 A

You make pudding with cottage cheese!?! What's your recipe?

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3/28/11 11:43 A

My dad is lactose intolerant, but he takes Lactaid pills. They are over-the-counter pills to take when you are eating food with dairy in it. I would imagine that without something like that, cottage cheese would probably bother your stomach.

WAMACR11 Posts: 28
3/28/11 6:22 A

I've never tried cottage cheese. I am lactose intolerant, would it bother me? I do eat ranch dressing, however, I only dip my fork into the ranch and not pour it on the food. That way I get the taste without the results.

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3/28/11 6:15 A

cottage cheese is one of my favourite foods, its si versatile.

I like making pudding with it, with some cocoa, and frozen berries mixed in.

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3/27/11 3:37 P

I love creamy salad dressings like blue cheese and ranch, but I also like cottage cheese. I have found that it is a fairly good substitute because it provides the creamy and slightly salty taste to complement your salad, but with a lot fewer calories--I use 1% milkfat and that's only 80 calories per half a cup! Plus it's awesome for protein (12 grams per 1/2 cup serving!).

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