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10/28/12 1:06 P

eat a vegetable with a tomato sauce on it and nobody know what your eating. Cheese and tomato sauce spice up a lot of vegetables.

DAJODU Posts: 46
10/26/12 1:53 P

I don't eat a vastly abundant amount of meat, but then again I would probably never bother trying to be a vegetarian either, as I enjoy eating it.

That said, I have a lot of friends who are both vegans or vegetarians. Some for different reasons than others; some of the reasons I find irrational, and other reasons I can see eye to eye on.

Not all meat is particularly healthy for you, especially in today's world where most of what lands on your plate has been ingested with tons of hormones, chemicals, and preservatives, but then again as others stated, it's more difficult to obtain all your needed nutrition without it. That's where I believe "every thing in moderation" comes into play.

So regardless of why my friends choose to eat how they do, even if I think it may be silly reasoning, I say live and let live. The people that DO annoy me however are those "holier than thou" vegans or vegetarians who decide to preach all day about their diets to everyone else and force their lifestyle upon others. I think that's honestly where most of the bad reputation comes from.

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9/26/12 5:39 P

Dont mistake steroids for masculine

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9/26/12 5:38 P

I was raised on a ranch and ate beef all day long. During that time to present I have always had friends that are vegetarians. I just don't know of any one that called them sissies. I don't agree with their diet, especially if they are hardcore vegans, but I respect their choice.

As far as being Masculine, or PUMPED UP, I do think it is harder for a vegetarian to bulk up, but is NOT impossible. I also disagree with anyone that thinks that a vegan is more healthy or fit than a carnivore. Again, it is difficult for them to get all the nutrients that are easily attained with meat or other non-vegan foods.

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9/17/12 12:16 A

Nice top, gotta try that!

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9/11/12 3:45 P

If you just eat what you want to and not announce it then there should not be a problem. You can also eat things that look like "normal" foods. I am not a vegetarian but I like eating a high fiber lettuce wrap with cheese and chunky hot salsa in it. To everyone else it just looks like a burrito. I also eat the vegetarian chili which is good. I am sure there are more ideas out there but you get the point.

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
9/7/12 2:34 P

I think that there are definitely people out there with outdated views on masculinity that you may run into in your daily life. But when someone says "Im a meat and potatoes guy" I don't take that as judgment on what I decide to do. Usually I have found that to mean "I wasn't exposed to many other foods when I was younger and probably don't get enough vegetables to keep my healthy". I'm probably being judgmental as well, but my family members that say that are definitely some of the least healthy people diet wise that I have ever met.

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9/7/12 2:20 P

I think you nailed it, KS. Diet does not define sissy, action does.

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9/7/12 2:12 P

Depends on the reason a person is going vegetarian. Some have reasonings that I just laugh at.

Frank Mir was vegan for the longest time. Just googled it and apparently he's not any more, but he's one of the most "masculine" men on the planet.

Former UFC heavyweight champion, master Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt. I belive he has caused the most broken bones in the octagon due to submissions.

This guy-

Starting at 4:25 is the best part of the highlight reel. Try calling that guy a sissy for being vegan. Also nearly taking Broc Lesnar's leg home with him at 6:00 is pretty epic.

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9/7/12 2:02 P

*shrug*, if that's the way you see it, I'm not sure what to say. I've never seen anyone call a man a sissy for being a vegetarian. I'll admit, I love meat, always have, so giving it up when I don't have to is inconceivable.

However, you must understand vegetarian is not what is considered socially normal. Anytime you do something outside of normal, expect some people to raise eyebrows, make comments, get curious, get interested, get offensive, ridicule or just generally have a reaction. If you're not prepared for a reaction of some sort, keep it on the down low.

I guess what confounds me is the need to wear diets. Just eat how you eat. If someone gives you grief, ignore it or do battle. I would say ignore though.

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9/7/12 12:00 P


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