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HOUNDLOVER1 Posts: 8,862
7/13/12 2:02 A

Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes can be controlled with diet alone. Either a low-carb diet or a raw vegan diet will work for this. Drugs are treating on the symptoms, not the cause.

7/13/12 12:39 A

I took it for a while. No real side effects for me, and my sugar's were good. I went off because it is freaking expensive, even with insurance. My sugars are still good, so I think I used it to start the healthy process. As with any drug, i would do some research and weigh the pros and cons.

ANARIE Posts: 12,940
7/12/12 11:33 P

It's the diabetes drug of last resort. She's right to be concerned, because it increases the risk of pancreatitis and might increase the risk of thyroid cancer. It hasn't been withdrawn because it does get people's blood sugar down from dangerous levels when nothing else has, so you're accepting a risk of developing problems over the long term in exchange for getting out of immediate danger.

The question she should be asking the doctor is whether they have really tried everything else. And if she hasn't honestly and sincerely done everything she's supposed to with diet and exercise, this should be a very loud wake-up call.

CATH63 Posts: 344
7/12/12 9:21 P

Does anyone know anything about this drug? My friend's endocrinologist wants her to start taking it but she's a bit nervous. How does it work and does it help with weight loss?

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