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MARYA81 Posts: 192
3/22/12 10:48 P

how about going for a drive to clear your head?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/22/12 5:40 P

Get thee up and moving.

Go for a walk. Do some exercise; focus that urge to eat into an urge to move... if you start adjusting your behavior, you can start heading off the binge before it starts!

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3/22/12 3:04 P

Watch it! Don't pig out when you get home! Find other ways to soothe the beast- the hot bath is a great idea! I would try to workout before- get some of that stress out.

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3/22/12 2:28 P

Actually, how about a bubble bath ? Normally, I would go outside and take a walk. I do find walking helps me relax after or during a stressful day. Of course, why not go out in the rain ? Pretend you're Gene Kelly and enjoy the rain drops falling all around you.

In short, there are better ways to relieve your stress that don't involve food. You could take a nose dive into the chocolate and no one will fault you for it. However, if you're just going to make yourself miserable later, then it isn't worth it. Take a walk in the rain. Have a bubble bath. have a cup of tea.

You could even do a vigorous workout. Many SP members find exercise a good way to release some steam.

Now, let's put a positive spin on your fight with the hubby. You'll probably both feel badly by this evening and as a result, make up ! Try not to worry, everything really does have a way of turning out okay.

3/22/12 2:09 P

if you are tempted to stop somewhere on your way home- make it the farmers market and by get some fruits and veggies!
often when i am feeling this way- i go and get veggies- by the time i get home, wash and cut up everything. i am over the feeling and if i still want something- then the veggies are there for me.
i will portion them out- and sometimes leave notes on the baggies of the veggies that are an uplifter.

you should be proud of yourself for recongzing what you want and stopping it from happening.

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3/22/12 1:38 P

I have so been there. I found one of the best things to help me really was recognizing that I was not hungry, I only wanted to eat because I was angry, sad, stressed (name your emotion). I drink a big glass of water or make some tea. This often helps, or I go ahead and "allow" myself a health snack. Carrots, I have eaten more carrots in the last 2 months than I have in years. They have the crunch I seem to crave, but not the calorie. I hope when you get home you are able to take a long hot bath.

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3/22/12 1:29 P

I am having a very emotional day and all I want to do is EAT everything I can find. I havent but I want to. I am at work so that has saved me because I only bring controlled amounts of food to work and I do not keep cash so I cant go to the vending machines.

Rainy day, bad news from back home, and hubby and I had a fight this a.m. which rarely happens. Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!

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