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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 18,933
8/19/12 7:25 P

"We are on a major budget and I feel soo guilty buying fresh, healthier foods and making seperate dinners for myself. My fiancee does not like the healthy foods I eat. "

Buying healthy foods for the family should trump buying junk for your man.

TRULYNNN Posts: 41
8/18/12 6:14 P

Hello all,
I am also getting married next year. I have been with the love of my life for over 3 years and in that time we had two beautiful children. I was really fit when we met but having 2 kids in 2 and a half years led me to gaining 80lbs! I also continued eating as if I was pregnant until my son was about 8 months. I saw a picture of myself and was shocked, I didn't even recognize myself. I have started eating healthy, watching calories, portions and exercising and have lost 46 lbs since december. However, motivation is really an issue for me lately. We are on a major budget and I feel soo guilty buying fresh, healthier foods and making seperate dinners for myself. My fiancee does not like the healthy foods I eat. I even had him go through about 40 recipes from sparkrecipes with me to find stuff he would eat and out of those there were 2 that he said he might try! Its really hard sometimes but I have to remember that I have always been a healthy active person and now that I have two children I need to incorporate this part of me with them. I want to be a positive role model. I really want to be the beautiful bride that I know I can be. Right now it's hard to look at myself in the mirror past my neck. ugh!

HERA2012 Posts: 43
8/16/12 3:53 P

I fully understand this cycle. I have only once lost weight while I was falling in love and now while I am in my healthiest love filled relationship ever I have gained a bunch of weight.

I am doing what the other poster said here and we are working on making being healthy our new family life goals.

My partner is also a trained chef and does all the cooking and I finally have been able to explain the fact that I need everything measured into my food and not poured. He listened and now its getting better.

Maybe a heart to heart will help?


8/16/12 8:35 A

prob best to get into good habits now. if you are going to spend a lifetime with this person, you will both need to get into good habits. check out the articles about active date ideas

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8/15/12 2:21 P

Hi All! I am getting married next year. Before getting engaged I was committed to losing weight and eating better! I have lost 8 pounds and have been exercising. I have always been athletic but gained a great deal of weight once meeting my fiancÚ. I started eating what he eats and the pounds piled on . . . I used to be really thin, but over the years have gained weight but also developed curves too. I start feeling better about my weight until I see pictures of myself. I always look "chunky" in them and I get very discouraged. I want to look my best but my greatest challenge is sugar . . . Dessert is a bad habit my fiancÚ and I share . . . . When we are together we encourage each other to meet more. . . . he was away on business for a month and I ate much healthier . . . Anyone struggling with this?

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