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So this weekend you spent time with someone you loved---not a wasted weekend at all. You may not have eaten as you'd like or gotten the exercise you know you need BUT you spent time with family and nothing can replace that. Sorry but my MIL is in the hospital, my hubby there and I miss him. Treasure time with people more than calories....

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I spent the weekend out of town with my widower brother. All our meals were eaten out because that is how he lives. The good side I enjoyed the meals and company. The not so good side, I don't want to weigh myself in the morning. It was only 2 days and I did try to pick healthier options. But I have no idea what the calorie counts were because the restaurants were not chains so I can't access calories on web sites. As a result I am just not tracking this weekend. Tomorrow is a new day and I get to start over.

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