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DIDIDIHU Posts: 333
11/22/10 3:17 P

Filter the chlorine and flouride out.

CASSARM1 Posts: 433
11/22/10 2:01 P

Have you ever tried cucumber slices in your water? It's really good!

LISSIE88 Posts: 635
11/22/10 12:21 P

Those crystal lite, and other brand packets are okay if they're zeros in the nutrition. Some of them have sugar and calories. You have to read the back. Also, adding pieces of fruit or squeezed fruit help to add a little flavor, too. Someone already suggested it, but cucumber really adds a great taste to water. A slice or two and it is so good. Try to add less and less to your water and you should be able to just drink plain water more often.

OCWIFEY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,620
11/22/10 7:47 A

I love water but I like to change it up now and then. Have you tried the mix ins? I use the ones sweetened with Splenda. I like 4c Totally Light 2 Go drink mixes especially the cranberry, pomegrante, and lemonade ones. But there are so many out there.

BABYNURSE2000 Posts: 678
10/28/10 12:05 A

Two things that worked for me....
1) Use a straw -
2) Drink 1 cup when brushing teeth in the AM
Drink 1 cup with breakfast (I used to allow myself nothing else until I'd had
those 2 cups in, such as coffee)
Drink another 2 cups before lunch That will be 4, then I can have diet coke,
or tea, etc.
Repeat with dinner
One more cup with a snack, then one when brushing teeth before bed
Viola! 8 cups!

LIZA_JD Posts: 466
10/26/10 4:29 P

Have you tried the Fiji water - it doesn't taste like anything!!! emoticon I have also read other posts where people have suggested putting frozen fruits in their water - serves as ice and gives an added flavor. emoticon

NBENITEZ Posts: 57
10/26/10 12:01 P

I like some lemon every now and then

10/26/10 12:07 A

I like the taste of water but since that is all I drink now, I like to add a little taste to it every now and then. I found a product called True Lemon. It comes in orange, lime , lemon and lemonade. Just a suggestion. :-)

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
9/15/10 10:45 A

If a slice of lemon is not cutting it, try slice of orange, a strawberry or even slice cucumber.

LESLIE56 Posts: 7,191
9/13/10 6:58 P

Two glasses after waking up, helps activate internal organs.
One glass 30 minutes before a meal, helps aid digestion.
One glass, before taking a bath, helps lower blood pressure.
One glass, before bed, helps to avoid a stroke or a heart attack.

DBAILEY0438 Posts: 637
9/13/10 5:13 A

geet a 32oz jug keep it filled and take it everywere you go like it was your wallet or purse i put crystal light because i dont like the taste of water

LINGAIL1 Posts: 594
9/11/10 6:20 A

The more you drink water less of other drink it really tastes better. Lots of time I just drink close or around meal 2 glasses of water that helps me to get the 8 glasses a day. By doing this I can drink something at meal time. Water is tasting better now than when I started. emoticon

BRISHELL95 Posts: 195
9/9/10 9:19 A

I used to totally hate the taste of water (or should I say lack there of). What has really helped me has been getting the Special K flavored waters. Really. I really like the strawberry and lemon. The other ones are ok, I guess, but I don't get them nearly as often. There is an assortment of them out there. No calories, and it helps me drink my 8 glasses a day (there are 2 servings in one bottle - 16 oz!). Hope this helps.

9/8/10 10:55 P

Very useful. Why stick to the lemon schtick right. I will try that too. Enjoy your next run.

9/8/10 10:52 P

That is golden. I do love tea but need to be cautious of sweet tea. I will try that. Thank you

MISSY0356 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/6/10 7:45 P

If you try it really cold it tastes better

Fitness Minutes: (31,721)
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9/6/10 1:39 P

Get an subscription to get a box of individual Crystal Light packets and enjoy the discount price and the taste.

COLT2008 SparkPoints: (69,415)
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Posts: 2,412
9/5/10 5:01 P

I add enough lemon juice to cover the bottom of my cup then add water when I haven't had enough water or am desiring something with flavor. Also try making iced tea when an herbal tea (like chalomile or a minty tea) I find it refreshing and don't need to sweeten it at all.

QHAMOM Posts: 896
9/5/10 6:02 A

Are you using a good water filter? Maybe some fruit other than lemon could add a little flavor without the potential harmful effects of artificial sweeteners.

SHADICAR Posts: 331
9/5/10 12:28 A

How about alternating the tea and water, for every amount of tea you drink, drink the same amount in water. My hubby does this and he used to hate water. The more you drink it, your taste will adjust. Try different teas. Green tea is a good healthy option and there are other herbal teas that taste great.

9/4/10 10:21 P

Some of us just cannot stand the taste of water. Can you toss some alternatives my way to help me consume for water? I do drink tea sweetened with splenda. Squeeze a lemon is just not cuttin it. Thanks

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