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9/23/12 11:51 A

Hi all,

A few years back I was part of a challenge that I found very helpful and motivating. I wanted to post this kind of challenge again to help keep me motivated and hopefully get some other people involved as well. We will share our experiences and hopefully help each other conquer our ultimate goal of losing weight and getting healthier.

Object of the Challenge... each week we will have a new challenge and we'll share our experiences and pro's and con's of what we did ... What worked, what didn't. The next week we will do the challenge from week 1 again and then add another challenge and so on. Hopefully we will learn from each other and take away some valuable information, motivation and lose weight!!

To start we can Introduce ourselves by stating the following:
Starting weight?
Where are you from?
How are you trying to accomplish your goals (WW, SB, watching carbs.. Etc)
What's your biggest motivation to get healthy?

Week 1:
Try a new vegetable or fruit... Then share your experience or recipes with the group.


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