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Hi Erikas (Where did I get the original name I used here? Must have been a "senior moment" at age 42):

As for the "lack of willpower", I think that many times people blame themselves for a lack of willpower when in fact, they are responding to their own physiology: their bodies are telling them to eat away. Weight loss and improper eating for your physiology can each trigger your body to go for high doses of carbohydrates for several days in a row. Read up on everything you can about various nutrition ideas as there is a lot of controversy out there. If the healthy eating program you have tried before didn't work in the long run, it may be that that program is not actually the healthiest program for you personally. One trick that helps is to lose fat at an extremely slow rate and mix it in with time periods of weight maintenance.

Congrats on ditching the Ex! You go girl!!!!

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So, I've read all these posts and it looks like I'm not the only one. I have no will power whatsoever. I start out doing great. Once I lose 5 pounds I feel like I can reward myself and eat whatever I want. This of course causes me to regain the 5 pounds back plus some. I don't feel like I have any motivation at all. I try to eat good, but the pizza rolls keep yelling at me. In the back of my mind I think I'm scared because I was anorexic (sp.) in high school. I was disgustingly thin and bulemic (sp) when I was married to a man who said if I ever weighed over 150 he would divorce me. (we aren't married any more). It's like food is my way of staying in control. So when food is the way you can control yourself, how do you get over it being in contol of you? Does that make sense?

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