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BJSIMP Posts: 388
5/1/12 9:46 A

thanks for the info

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7/29/11 7:24 A

thanks I will definitely check it out

ASGAURDII SparkPoints: (0)
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7/29/11 5:19 A

The 'iwatchr' app is quite good, and does both the old points and pro points systems.

Also, it allows you to use the US or EU versions (which it seems are different) and even to set up your own tracker system, in other words you could program in the tracked items on this site.

Pretty good. I've been using the lite version for some time, the pro provides more stuff like charts, progress, recipes and so on.

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12/31/10 12:17 P

Thanks HummingBird!! emoticon

12/30/10 2:37 P

PMAMA3, you can change your Sparkpeople signature by clicking the "Edit My Sparkpage" button on your Sparkpage, then adding or changing your signature.


PMAMA3 SparkPoints: (57,936)
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12/29/10 12:40 P

also, does anyone know how we can go in and change our signature on this stuff???

PMAMA3 SparkPoints: (57,936)
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12/29/10 12:39 P

Yeah, I calculate my food & workouts thru sparkpeople but I do wish there was a WW calculator on here in conjunction w/ the food /workout calculators so I didn't have to use both WW & SP calculators.

LADYRH Posts: 14,912
9/11/10 11:34 A

WW has an app you can down load.


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9/11/10 10:22 A

thanks I didn't realize there was such a thing!!

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
9/11/10 5:47 A

WeightWatchers has its own app. I googled it for you:

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SRT298 Posts: 3
9/9/10 9:02 A

I am looking for an app that will track WW points for my Blackberry. Well, actually my wife's Blackberry. I absolutely love sparkpeople's app and use it faithfully and it has been an incredible help and motivator. My wife has used WW forever and likes the sparkpeople app (does not use it, only reviewed it on my phone) but would like to be able to track points as well. I would love it if SP could add something that either does WW points calculations or some "generic" points system using their formula. Any other ideas would be appreciated!! Thank you!!

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