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9/23/12 9:04 P

tracking my exercise on "Other Goals" helps me so much. I try to look at it's not an option. Like getting out of bed in the mornings, making the bed and doing the dishes. . Do it for the greater good. emoticon
Good luck to you!! and me. emoticon

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9/23/12 6:55 P

Try to find an exercise that you will like to do at a time of the day that you like doing it and do it for 5 minutes a day until you want to increase the time that you do it. emoticon

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9/23/12 6:39 P

How about an exercise buddy? Either find someone to workout with ( which helps keep me be accountable) or find a buddy on Sparks to be accountable to each day by reporting your workout for the day.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
9/21/12 6:13 P

I agree with an earlier poster who suggested just getting out and about and doing something that interests you. Consider going for a walk to see what's going on, putting up a basketball hoop and shooting baskets, getting a mini-trampoline - in other words, have some fun!!

You might also try doing some of the 10-minute workout videos here on SP - choose something that looks appealing and go from there.

I'd also suggest obtaining an inexpensive pedometer (I have one from Walk4Life that I love) and tracking how much you walk for a few days. Then set a goal of 10-20% more and keep going. Wear it all the time - not just when you "go for a walk". The idea is to get a baseline for your daily activity level and then increase that.

Good luck!

JMEEMB Posts: 56
9/21/12 5:31 P

Taking the first step into exercising is almost impossible for me. I can make it "possible" by telling myself I only need to do 1 min up to 10 min. That's my only way. I add the minutes up and by the end of the day I have moved and done something to decrease my exercise resistance. Occasionally I like it and want to do it again--but I can't rely on that to take over.

RYANNKA Posts: 23
9/11/12 8:39 P

i agree. i used to try to follow a pretty strict exercise regimen and would do it for about three days then stop. i also am learning to do things i like to do and find fun. it has made a big difference in my attitude and commitment to exercise.

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9/11/12 4:06 A

First, have you been to the doctor? You might have a thyroid problem, or something else that is holding yo back. That aside, I found my exercise mojo by making an appointment to exercise, and keeping it. I started off slow with Coach Nicole,s workouts, moved on to Gillian Michaels walking workouts, then looked for exercise I loved. I've moved on to Zumba and water exercise, which are my fun exercises. If is fun, yo'll look forward to it.

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9/10/12 5:29 P

Don't think of it as exercising. Take a walk around the neighborhood to see what others are doing their gardens, with their porches, etc - anything that interests you. Set a timer when you sit down to get on the internet, watch TV, etc. so you get up after an hour and move around, stretch, etc.

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9/10/12 4:28 P

I just can't get out of the starting gate. I did OK last year, from about August to December I lost almost 40 lbs., but since around January, I've lost momentum and I can't seem to get it back. I feel committed, I eat OK, just can't get the exercise bug. Can anybody help???

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