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9/23/12 9:04 P

tracking my exercise on "Other Goals" helps me so much. I try to look at it's not an option. Like getting out of bed in the mornings, making the bed and doing the dishes. . Do it for the greater good. emoticon
Good luck to you!! and me. emoticon

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9/23/12 6:55 P

Try to find an exercise that you will like to do at a time of the day that you like doing it and do it for 5 minutes a day until you want to increase the time that you do it. emoticon

Each day is a great new start for whatever you need it to be. Embrace each day.
"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV

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9/23/12 6:39 P

How about an exercise buddy? Either find someone to workout with ( which helps keep me be accountable) or find a buddy on Sparks to be accountable to each day by reporting your workout for the day.

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9/21/12 6:13 P

I agree with an earlier poster who suggested just getting out and about and doing something that interests you. Consider going for a walk to see what's going on, putting up a basketball hoop and shooting baskets, getting a mini-trampoline - in other words, have some fun!!

You might also try doing some of the 10-minute workout videos here on SP - choose something that looks appealing and go from there.

I'd also suggest obtaining an inexpensive pedometer (I have one from Walk4Life that I love) and tracking how much you walk for a few days. Then set a goal of 10-20% more and keep going. Wear it all the time - not just when you "go for a walk". The idea is to get a baseline for your daily activity level and then increase that.

Good luck!

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9/21/12 5:31 P

Taking the first step into exercising is almost impossible for me. I can make it "possible" by telling myself I only need to do 1 min up to 10 min. That's my only way. I add the minutes up and by the end of the day I have moved and done something to decrease my exercise resistance. Occasionally I like it and want to do it again--but I can't rely on that to take over.

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9/11/12 8:39 P

i agree. i used to try to follow a pretty strict exercise regimen and would do it for about three days then stop. i also am learning to do things i like to do and find fun. it has made a big difference in my attitude and commitment to exercise.

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9/11/12 4:06 A

First, have you been to the doctor? You might have a thyroid problem, or something else that is holding yo back. That aside, I found my exercise mojo by making an appointment to exercise, and keeping it. I started off slow with Coach Nicole,s workouts, moved on to Gillian Michaels walking workouts, then looked for exercise I loved. I've moved on to Zumba and water exercise, which are my fun exercises. If is fun, yo'll look forward to it.

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9/10/12 5:29 P

Don't think of it as exercising. Take a walk around the neighborhood to see what others are doing their gardens, with their porches, etc - anything that interests you. Set a timer when you sit down to get on the internet, watch TV, etc. so you get up after an hour and move around, stretch, etc.

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9/10/12 4:28 P

I just can't get out of the starting gate. I did OK last year, from about August to December I lost almost 40 lbs., but since around January, I've lost momentum and I can't seem to get it back. I feel committed, I eat OK, just can't get the exercise bug. Can anybody help???

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