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What's your earliest memory and how old were you?

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7/11/12 11:07 A

Age 2. Used to put my legs through winter jacket sleeves. They were silk-lined and tight. My mom has a picture of it & I can clearly remember doing that. It just felt secure to me. emoticon

Posts: 4,095
7/11/12 7:31 A

4 years old, I remember jumping off our couches trying to fly, lol.

Posts: 2,076
7/10/12 11:51 P

I'm in my crib. On my back. Toes in the air. Very young. Touched my big toe on my right foot and discovered it was attached to me.

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7/10/12 11:24 P

I was about 3 or 4 and I had gotten lost at the fair. I was put up on a booth And they paged my name over a loud speaker for my parents.

SparkPoints: (31,593)
Fitness Minutes: (25,739)
Posts: 1,046
7/10/12 12:48 P

I remember sitting in the middle of the kitchen table at my grandma's house when my aunt was trying to give me a perm! I remember having my arms crossed and saying no. she ended up doing it. My mom was out of town and freaked out when she came home. I was 2 1/2.

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Fitness Minutes: (29,630)
Posts: 1,471
7/9/12 7:49 P

3.5, my little rocking chair broke

Posts: 4,221
7/9/12 7:48 P

Kindergarden sitting on green carpet playing with cardboard bricks.

Posts: 3,328
7/9/12 7:44 P

I was still sleeping in a crib - between 18 mos. and 2 years old. I remember the room, with Jack and Jill cutouts on the wall that frightened me, I had whooping cough and I remember how the cough sounded.

My dad picked me up and wrapped me in a blanket to go to the hospital.

Posts: 5,854
7/9/12 2:25 P

seeing myself in a mirror with crooked bangs (mom's hair cut) the mirror was attached to an antique wardrobe... I'd say I was about 3 yrs old, I remember it vividly as it was the first time I'd ever seen myself and was trying to figure out who the girl was and then I realized it was me cause I had gotten in trouble for moving and that's why i hardly had any bangs left, plus the girl did everything I was doing hahahaha...
Isn't that something to remember being yelled at so much for moving that I remember the first time I'd seen myself.... emoticon

Posts: 482
7/9/12 2:16 P

I have several memories from around age 2. Every one has to do with someone being unkind. I guess I'm still holding a grudge since I remember the incidents after all these years.

Posts: 1,809
7/9/12 1:48 P

Age unknown, my guess is 3. I remember my grandmas house. I can remember what it looked like, chrome chairs with red vinyl kitchen cushions with a chrome dining table and a squiggly design. Salt and pepper on table with a bottle of ketchup.

Grandma was going to take a nap and she liked her armed tickled and asked my older sister to tickle her arm until she fell asleep. I remember playing outside with my siblings over there. :)

SparkPoints: (150,905)
Fitness Minutes: (136,235)
Posts: 3,948
7/9/12 1:40 P

Being held by my Grandmother (dad's mother); seeing the bright flowers on her black dress, and having her search for the hair pin that fell into my clothes. She died several weeks before my first birthday, so I was about 10 months old. No one can believe I remember this, but she was sitting on my dad's big chair, with her legs on the footstool, and I have defined the pattern on her dress, even sketched it.

Posts: 2,480
7/9/12 1:09 P

Throwing a tantrum because I wanted to go with my mom and dad to dinner with their friends. I was maybe 3 at the most, but I remember being so happy sitting in between the 2 of them in the backseat, and my mom being mad, but I didn't care. I just remember thinking I was a grown up because my brothers and sisters couldn't go.

Posts: 4,039
7/9/12 12:49 P

My mother and aunt dying my hair red with food color when I was three

Posts: 2,667
7/9/12 12:05 P

Whether it's my earliest or not - I was 3 or four, and flower girl for a friend of the family. First I was told to throw daisy petals on the carpet; then I wasn't. I threw some, anyway.

Posts: 4,232
7/9/12 10:50 A

3, being carried into our new house

SparkPoints: (7,965)
Fitness Minutes: (2,589)
Posts: 620
7/9/12 9:48 A

I was three and I was riding on my papaws back while he mowed.

Posts: 2,490
7/9/12 9:47 A

I remember pushing my brother's big black baby buggie when I was 3. My mother took him out of it first. That was in 1960.

Posts: 243
7/9/12 9:46 A

My earliest memory is lying in my pram in the garden when I was a few months old, unable to sit up on my own but stretching up to look over the edge at the pet cats I was besotted with in the garden.
I also remember trying very hard to throw away two dolls with pot arms, legs, and heads that I absolutely loathed when I was about one year old. It took me ages to realize that if I really wanted to get rid of them I had to throw them out of my pram when Mum wasn't looking and not in the garden, but I managed it in the end!

SparkPoints: (29,418)
Fitness Minutes: (20,980)
Posts: 878
7/9/12 7:33 A

I remember playing tag with the neighbothood kids and I got a nasty cut from a broken bottle. I was three and I received 7 stitches.

Posts: 3,627
7/9/12 7:23 A

Brother coming home at his birth. I was 3.

Posts: 1,238
7/8/12 11:31 P

I was probably about two and my mother for some reason had taken me to the high school graduation in our very small town.... I slipped away and tried to follow the kids up to the stage, and she had to run after and catch me. I remember the noise.... it's probably not a surprise that I became a teacher!

SparkPoints: (114,777)
Fitness Minutes: (113,267)
Posts: 4,638
7/8/12 7:28 P

Living in a big old-fashioned house with a wrap-around porch. There were little built in cupboards that my sister and I used to play in. One more thing, once when we were having supper, a cat jumped into the gravy bowl. emoticon

Posts: 654
7/8/12 6:58 P

I recall being in a pickup truck with my dad and there was a small hole on the floor so I could see the road below and that fascinated me; mom had packed us lunch including those bologna sandwiches with little pimento in them and I picked out the pimento pieces and tried to throw them through that little hole; years later I asked mom when that was and she remembered dad taking me to Iowa to buy popcorn, and she had packed us sandwiches to eat on the way; she figured I was about three back then.

Posts: 623
7/8/12 5:13 P

I remember that we were living with my grandparents while my father was in basic training in the Navy. I kept trying to lay down in my crib and my mother kept telling me not to lay down because she was trying to kill this giant wolf spider on the wall.

I asked her about this memory last year and she said I couldn't have been more than a year and a half old. That was surprising.

Posts: 2,126
7/8/12 4:29 P

I would have been about 18 months old and I was standing on the garden path asking my mum's neighbour where her little boy, whom I used to play with was, and she was telling me he was at school

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