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12/26/12 9:28 A

My favorite "grandma dish" is her pasta sauce. She only makes it for Christmas Eve (and sometimes once in the summer when my aunt visits from Italy). It's kind of a sweeter red sauce, and it's got raisins and green olives in it...mmm mmm!

MEANREDS92 Posts: 818
12/23/12 8:11 P

We inherited my grandma's complete cookbook and recipe stand. Everything from icebox cookies to sweedish meatballs to at least six different white bread recipes (no exaggeration). Most of her recipes are incomplete--they only list the ingredients. I think she was best known for her Chelsea Buns; the recipe was published in the paper and everything. I may have made them incorrectly but I don't see the difference between Chelsea Buns and Cinnamon Rolls other than the almonds.

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12/21/12 12:08 P

My maternal grandmother made date pinwheel cookies every Christmas, I never liked them as a kid, but since have loved them. I really wish I`d gotten her recipe :(
Both of my grandmothers were wonderful cooks. They made their own butter, saurkraut, pickles, etc....I was blessed, truly blessed to not only know these wonderful ladies, but have them in my life!

I must agree that it was a giant disappointment to see what the Grandma representing my country (USA) made something bot of boxes and cans.....there are wonderful cooks in US, who cook from scratch and can do it much healthier.

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11/28/12 12:48 A

My grandma used to make the best "potato candy." Not an appetizing title, but SUCH a great and rich candy. VERY BAD FOR YOU, I'm sure. But as a child, I loved it!

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11/27/12 9:56 P

both of my grans lived in different countries than us so didn't really experience their cooking much. But my one, known as Cita, was known by us as children for her fudge - even though we probably only saw her 3 times in our lives

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11/20/12 7:03 P

My dad's mother was a great baker, her "signature" would probably be "honey rolls". They are a potato based cinnamon roll, baked in a pan with brown sugar and syrup in the bottom. Once cooked you flip the pan over and they're all gooey and delicious. No honey at all but one of my cousins named them that when he was a kid (he's in his 40s now). I make them at Christmas every year, I'm excited to share them this year with my boyfriend's family.

My mom's mother isn't much of a cook. She always can put together a basic meal but she grew up in a rather well-off family so she was never really taught how to cook the sort of traditional American grandma type foods.

I wish they picked a better American one... they picked a woman who made a heavy dessert with a bunch of boxed and canned ingredients, whereas all the others made dishes from unprocessed ingredients. I KNOW there's better cooking out there from grandmas in the US :)

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11/20/12 4:05 P

I have my grandma's recipe for fudge and thumbprint cookies. I've also gotten my MIL's recipe for a cheeseball, and her famous stuffing. I plan on compiling more all together, and also some from hubby's grandmother. I hope to be able to pass them all down to someone in the family someday, whether it be my child or someone else's in the family.

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11/17/12 12:59 A

I've just read all these ones

and aren't they yummy (though I'd have to pass on the one from Malawi!)

My gran's signature dish wash rissoles made from left over shepherd's pie. It took me 20 years to replicate it.

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