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What Kind of Watch do you Wear?

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Posts: 365
12/27/09 10:13 P

My favorite is a G-Shock solar with a radio linked automatic time setting at 5am every morning. Is timekeeping a US American obsession?

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Posts: 1,005
12/22/09 4:24 P

Citizen Eco-drive normall

Blue faced Movado when dressing up

I would like a Brietling

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Posts: 23
12/21/09 11:42 A

I wear a mio, just a basic watch wig a heart rate montitor in it

Posts: 301
12/17/09 8:34 A

my Fossil is broken

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Posts: 2,448
12/16/09 9:33 P

I usually wear a $15 Casio. Sometimes I wear a Pulsar I received as a gift, but not often because it's super heavy.

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Posts: 187
12/16/09 8:16 P

Timex as soon as I figure out how to adjust the band.

Posts: 119
12/16/09 3:46 P

I don't wear a watch right now, but I would if I could ever remember to bring mine to the jeweler to get the battery replaced.

I have a Guess large faced watch with a wide leather "cuff" style band. I love it.

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Posts: 4,167
12/16/09 12:46 P

Moved to Arizona, I'm on Indian time now, no watch

Have a Skagg & Seiko in the drawer as well as a pocket watch in the jewelry box. Wanna buy a watch???

Posts: 10,481
12/9/09 12:43 P

I used to wear a watch in my 20's but I cannot stand to have one on my wrist now. It drives me insane. Besides my cell is always close by and it's like a pocket-watch more than anything else for me.

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Posts: 2,115
12/7/09 8:29 P

I wear a cheap digital Casio (silver color) that resembles the more expensive Seikos that I used to wear-it works fine-I am never late for anything!

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Posts: 101
12/7/09 7:52 P

Since off work, no watch.

Posts: 253
12/7/09 6:53 A

i own a fossil

Posts: 231
12/6/09 10:54 P

I own a fossil but don't wear it very often.

Posts: 439
12/6/09 10:07 A


I don't know if u'd call it "c o o l"... Or not??? but I just bought a "WENGER".. It has BLACK NUMERALS on a White background & a sweeping second hand.. It's excellent for timing intervals between sets during my GYM work-outs...

It also claims to be water resistant to a depth of 150F... I haven't checked that out yet, but it comes with that kind of a guarantee...

My other "walking-around" watch is a SEIKO, a dressy watch & chain that my SON bought me more than 10 years ago, with his 1st bonus-check, as a teen...

It really "tickles" him each time he sees me with it on...

The SEIKO still keeps excellent time, with a minimum of service... Have only needed cleaning it a couple of times & have changed the battery only once... It still looks good & is accurate as hell...

I usually go for utility first, with looks being a secondary consideration... What's ur primary considerations in selecting ur time pieces???

Are u purely a COLLECTOR????

Posts: 1
12/2/09 10:07 P

I Have a Black (PVD) Gucci 101G

Posts: 2,766
12/2/09 9:47 P

I'm allergic to nickel, so I have to be fairly careful with watches.

My favorite (as in i don't breakout from it) is a relatively inexpensive Skagen Titanium.

I have a couple Movados for dress, including a very gawdy 111th Anniversary watch.

Posts: 45
12/2/09 6:56 P

Ah, the watch bug... LOL. I have a Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster ... but (thank GOD) I replaced my watch "bug" with a cycling "bug"... much better for my heart and wallet (but not much)!

SparkPoints: (13,224)
Fitness Minutes: (11,166)
Posts: 279
12/1/09 12:09 P

I wear a Fossil. It works and I am not a big spender on watches really. Although, I can appreciate a nice watch, but probably will not spend more than 200 on one, ever.

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Posts: 4,167
12/1/09 10:07 A

I'm on Indian time, don't wear one. Wife talked me out of it 6 months ago. Moved from California 2 years ago & was always watching the time. Now, don't wear one.

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Posts: 89
11/30/09 2:43 P

My watch is an LG enV2.

Posts: 15,787
11/30/09 8:36 A

Timex - Gold/Silver with the metal twistband and yes, I have NO hair on the wrist I wear it.

Posts: 4,000
11/29/09 3:47 P

Polar F11 when exercising - occassionally a Citizen Eco- drive.

Posts: 5,650
11/29/09 3:02 P

Don't wear one and wouldn't wear one

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Posts: 187
11/29/09 1:45 P


Posts: 14
11/28/09 9:54 P

I currently wear a bulova but my dream watch is a spec ops blackhawk. I am in a line of work that requires a very tough watch and this watch meets that requirement. I have a VERY unhealthy "thing" for watches. I have way to many to count but most are cheep due to the type of job i have.

Posts: 1,273
11/28/09 9:43 P


SparkPoints: (72,329)
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Posts: 3,751
11/28/09 8:22 P

Rolex,lol I just use my cell phone works for me

SparkPoints: (173,408)
Fitness Minutes: (89,678)
Posts: 7,455
11/28/09 2:38 P

Casio G-SHOCK a bigger watch that was under $100.
I think it was $50 at Costco and I haven't had to replace the battery yet after 2 years.

Posts: 5,650
12/3/08 3:30 P

I don't wear a watch so i have a good excuse not to be on time

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12/3/08 12:03 P

I have a silver Fossil, rectangluar face and black band.

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Posts: 1,612
11/29/08 12:35 P

True. And it's amazing how many can spot the knockoff, too! Omega also makes a nice watch.

Posts: 22
11/28/08 6:36 P

I rock a Tissot. It's amazing how many people notice a truly nice watch.

My wife and I just bought my dad a Citizen for Christmas.

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Posts: 715
11/24/08 11:49 P

Four watches, all silver. Elgin Steel(big and heavy), Relic, Timex Ironman, and the small casio when I play dress up. I also have a cheap $3 walmart special that has a timer on it for working out.

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Posts: 1,612
11/24/08 3:34 P

MRFLI01, as I suggested to POOLSHARK, check I've picked up $400 watches for less than $100. In fact, one of my Lucien Piccards lists at $350, I got it for $75 new w/full warranty. Amazon swooped in, bought the lot, and sells it for $125 or so. Fossil is a good watch, I don't remember who makes Adidas' watches.

Posts: 16
11/24/08 9:20 A

I wear a Fossil and Adidas. Cost around $150. That is about my limit as far as watches go.

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Posts: 1,612
11/22/08 3:01 P

No kidding. I worked w/a guy who got a Rolex as a sales spiff, and was pissed because it wasn't as nice as the Breitling he had on! Worse, they required him to wear it for two weeks. Oh, the pain! Make ME wear a Rolex! Spoiled asswipe!

Posts: 234
11/20/08 4:37 P

Wow. I didn't realize that was such a big spiff. I'm live'n large and didn't even know it. Still, I wish they would have given it to me in cash instead.

SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,612
11/20/08 12:03 P

Take it to a jeweler and have it appraised. They will look at it w/o charge. $4k is about as low as I've seen for Tourneau new. Pre-owned, anything's possible.

SparkPoints: (40,939)
Fitness Minutes: (9,605)
Posts: 2,115
11/20/08 11:53 A

I am wearing a cheap Casio from Walmart (less than $25)-it keeps good time and looks a lot like the expensive watch that I used to wear that was a battery killer.If I should damage or lose this elcheapo I will not feel bad-certainly no one will ever try to steal it!

Posts: 5
11/20/08 11:30 A

I have a Casio that I bought at Wal-Mart for about $50. It sorta looks like a Rolex Submariner which is one of my favorite watches.

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Posts: 1,612
11/20/08 10:06 A

Mine is one I ordered on the Internet for $9.95, with a nice stainless steel band, and the face says, "United States Air Force" has a date window. Whenever the battery dies (last about 2 years) I throw it away and buy a new one!!! Keeps great time!

Posts: 234
11/19/08 5:36 P

There's no way this watch is worth that much. Do they make a low end version??

SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,612
11/19/08 1:50 P

Tourneau is a high-end watch, on par w/Rolex as far as price and quality. Hope you have it insured; they go from $6k up. $15k isn't unheard of.

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Posts: 694
11/19/08 12:27 P

Daily I wear a Sea Pro and Keep an Oceanaut for dressy occations

Posts: 234
11/18/08 10:10 P

The watch I wear daily is a Tourneau. I won it in a sales contest a few years back. I like it but I'm not sure if it's a good brand or not.

Posts: 98
11/18/08 8:12 P

I haven't looked on overstock.. I'll definitely check it out! thanks!

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Posts: 1,325
11/18/08 12:40 P

Seiko. Can't wear a watch at work for safety reasons.

This is probably my favorite watch ever. My folks got it for me when I got my MBA.

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Posts: 1,612
11/18/08 12:31 P

Lucien Piccard, Swiss Army, Stuhrling. Tag Heuer is my favorite, I need to replace my Formula 1 I had to sell a few years ago. Brian- have you checked out I've gotten my watches from them, and I highly recommend them.

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Posts: 399
11/17/08 10:27 P


Posts: 98
11/17/08 4:20 P

Any guys out there who have an unhealthy obsession with watches out there? I have 6 as of now but the list of "wants" is growing and growing... My most recent addition is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer... Beautiful watch, along with that I have a Movado Juro, an Oakley Timebomb, a Bulova Marine Star, a Guess watch, and a Quiksilver watch that I use when I'm surfing... Any other guys out there have anything cool?? Here is the spot to talk about them ad nauseam!

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