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What do you do when you find yourself backsliding?

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Posts: 997
7/18/12 9:33 A

Have you posted your visual reminders of why you are on this journey? If you haven't, then do so. The visual reminders can help to put you in the proper, more positive mind set that you need to keep going. Put them in different areas around the house. One on the bathroom mirror, one on the refrigerator, one on the cabinet with all the food in it. Maybe one on your car visor. You want to be reminded throughout the day. Hope it helps.

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Posts: 1,471
7/18/12 6:22 A

Check in with inspirational SparkPeople

SparkPoints: (115,176)
Fitness Minutes: (65,792)
Posts: 6,150
7/15/12 4:21 P

Since I've been on SP, I get back on track much more quickly after I backslide. In the past, I'd have a few bad days and I'd quit completely.

SparkPoints: (36,143)
Fitness Minutes: (38,971)
Posts: 3,062
7/15/12 4:01 P

dont let it beat me up and move on.. it always takes atleast 2 days to feel better!!

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Posts: 9,177
7/15/12 12:40 P

You turn it around by taking one small action ... a healthy meal, a workout, a 10-minute walk, whatever works for you. Just one little baby step ...

AND you do exactly what you did ... you get on SparkPeople and put it out there so you can get some support.

It truly is about healthy lifestyle changes, NOT perfection.

Keep up the great work and good luck on your journey.

Posts: 30
7/15/12 11:20 A

You have actually said it totally right, this is exactly what I do when I found myself going down I look at before and after pictures and I start to imagine myself...I say If they can do it, I can too
You actually have my same goal weight. I will be glad if we could communicate to drop that weight & reach that LOVELY GOAL.

Posts: 2,667
7/15/12 8:00 A

You'll find, as you read many posts, especially those on this section (Staying Motivated), that many people go through this sort of thing periodically.

As it's a long haul process, and not a short-term "fix", you'll have up and down days.

Just stick with it, and realize that everything in life has highs and lows, but sticking with it is of benefit.

SparkPoints: (7,841)
Fitness Minutes: (2,813)
Posts: 638
7/15/12 3:55 A

Dig your heels in!

I think reading this site is actually quite helpful. When you start having negative feelings, especially about having to "maintain" for the rest of your life, read the blogs of some people who have lost weight and are maintaining. I promise you it will life you up.

See this process is about breaking old habits and forming new ones. This is why people here talk about making lifestyle changes and not being "on a diet" That means that it is hardest at first but gets easier with each passing day. If you can manage to make it through the first and most difficult stage, the stage where most people quit, you will find that a lot of your "good" behavior around food will become automatic.

Also, whenever you start thinking that you can't make it...when you find that you cant picture yourself not overweight, spend some time looking at before and after photos of people. They more you look at the more you start to think "if all these people can do it, I can too!"

SparkPoints: (262,059)
Fitness Minutes: (152,747)
Posts: 20,327
7/14/12 11:28 P

Have positive affirmations to counter the negative self talk. Think of this lifestyle as a journey to becoming more mindful, gaining self-mastery and thriving. If you can have unhealthy habits you can replace them with positive ones. emoticon

Posts: 2,089
7/14/12 10:39 P

I tell myself to trust the process. This is a lifestyle change. It is about making healthy choices over the long haul.

SparkPoints: (9,372)
Fitness Minutes: (8,420)
Posts: 332
7/14/12 3:55 P

For me it's more of a mental thing. I'm aware that I've lost weight since I started on Sunday, and even since last year this time I've lost a good deal of weight, but sometimes I look in the mirror and I just think that it's not possible for me to be where I want to be, and that even if I get there I'll have to spend my entire life maintaining my new weight. I guess I'm naturally a pessimist.

So what do you all of you do when you mess up one day, or start thinking negative thoughts like this?

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