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What is everyone's favorite weightloss supplements

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4/25/12 7:10 A

I used a prescription med my OBGYN recommended Phen-Pro. I was on it for six months nearly two years ago. When I was strict on my diet and exercise I was loosing 7lbs per week. When I threw watching my food out the window, I was still loosing a pound a week.

I loved it. Didn't feel weird. Didn't make my stomach hurt, or heart race. Cried the day I had to give it up (and my OBGYN), when my work insurance changed.

One problem, a little pricey, my PPO didn't cover the full amount (had to pay half, $75/month) of the phentermine.

Talk to your doctor about it.

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4/21/12 3:58 A

I tried zantrex 3 blue today. I did not like it. Although it lowered my appetite, it made me feel like i was on meth. Did not like it one bit. Made me sick for hours afterwards. I do not recommend.

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4/17/12 6:31 P

Lisa - our wedding is august 4th and i'm starting to feel the pressure to lose some belly fat. It's somewhat of a destination wedding so there is a pool side bridal day the day before the wedding, and then of course our honeymoon. The guy at GNC recommended this but it gets mixed reviews online. How is it working for you?

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4/9/12 1:28 P

Exercise :)

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4/8/12 6:33 P

I don't use any either

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4/7/12 7:14 P

I don't use any weight loss supplements

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4/7/12 5:28 A

I Like Abdominal cuts, its non stimulant and had the Omega 3s necessary, does anyone have any other supplement that is helping them reach their weight loss goals?


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