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9/27/12 8:18 P

through the measurements I am 27-28% BMI. I can't remember the site but I googled BMI with measurements. This means that I am at an accceptable weight. However, if I wanted to get down to the ideal weight for my height which is around 105, that would be unrealistic. 130 would be more ideal for me.

9/25/12 9:06 A

47 year old female 58 (4 foot ten) inches tall.

These are the measurements I took at the end of August 2012:

Weight 159
Measure your Waist 41
Measure your Hips 42
Measure your Thigh 20
Measure your Upper Arm 9
Measure your Neck 14
Measure your Calf 15

These are my measurements from yesterday:
Current weight 151

Measure your Waist 39
Measure your Hips 40
Measure your Thigh 21
Measure your Upper Arm 11
Measure your Neck 14
Measure your Calf 14

Based on the results above and the ones below how long should it take me to reach a goal of 29% if I stay with my routine (exercising and eating right)?

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