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ALBAUGHMO Posts: 2,819
5/9/12 4:16 A

turkey burger and rice

5/9/12 2:07 A

Egg beater or egg White omelet.
Cereal or oatmeal
Salad with lots of veggies

LAURA121212 Posts: 130
5/9/12 12:29 A

Whole, plain oatmeal.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (335,303)
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5/5/12 9:49 P takes time to make, but can be made with few ingredients and if you make them in muffin tins, they are even easier and quicker.

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HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,543
5/5/12 6:55 P

Breakfast for supper

10 pounds at a time
ALBAUGHMO Posts: 2,819
5/5/12 3:38 A

turkey burgers

DIETER27 Posts: 6,710
5/4/12 3:17 P

Stir fry veggies with chicken

KARLARY SparkPoints: (13,539)
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5/4/12 3:12 P

Whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs and broccoli.

BESCATS SparkPoints: (189,552)
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5/4/12 2:53 P

Kashi pizza (cheese & I put my own veggies on it)

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5/4/12 2:11 P


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