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What is your greatest wish?

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SparkPoints: (36,143)
Fitness Minutes: (38,971)
Posts: 3,062
6/11/12 5:01 P

to become a nutritionist/personal trainer :)

Posts: 3,937
6/11/12 3:52 P

my greatest wish is to get healthy and have my husband follow suit!! We love each other but all the weight I have lost, he has gained so We love the Lord and know he is with us every step.

SparkPoints: (150,737)
Fitness Minutes: (135,755)
Posts: 3,948
6/11/12 3:49 P

For my mother and my husband to stay healthy and for us to have enough money to live on so I can stop feeling constant terror because just surviving is such a burden on me. I am our sole support and that makes me frightened ALL the time. We have no insurance, no savings, no one to turn to in emergencies. I don't remember "fun" or "joy" - but it was back when my husband had a job (9 years ago). Now he is way too old to be considered by anyone. I am soooooooo stressed every minute of every day. My hands shake when I have to go shopping for food. Someday, I will leave this country and go where you can live on way less.

Posts: 14,742
6/11/12 3:18 P

a balanced perspective and the patience to strive for it

SparkPoints: (31)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
6/11/12 12:51 P

My greatest wish is to meet Eminem (I know it won't happen but I'm not giving up) and to be successful .

SparkPoints: (26,332)
Fitness Minutes: (25,125)
Posts: 387
6/11/12 12:42 P

My greatest wish: to be as confident and comfortable with the looks on my outside as I am with the traits on my inside just like my husband and my son are. Energy isn't a problem, but self-esteem seems to be often when it comes to getting dressed to go in public. May we all be happy in and out as we deserve!

SparkPoints: (5,387)
Fitness Minutes: (3,850)
Posts: 23
6/11/12 10:53 A

I've been married 15 years come August and a mother 13 years next month. I know my son gets teased about my size and he is tired of hearing me say "I'm too tired." when he wants to play basketball or do anything physical.

My greatest wish is for my son to see his mother active, healthy, and under 200 pounds for the first time in his life and for my husband to see the energy of the woman he married, hopefully by my birthday, at the end of August. I have my husband's support and that, along with SparkPeople, and my faith in God I believe I will finally achieve my wish.

I've been trying on my own for the last 14 years!

SparkPoints: (1,563)
Fitness Minutes: (2,985)
Posts: 63
6/11/12 8:06 A

That I can reach my goal!

Posts: 6
6/11/12 4:55 A

to reach my health goals and to be of assistance to fellow travellers in this journey

SparkPoints: (3,831)
Fitness Minutes: (515)
Posts: 23
6/11/12 12:18 A

My greatest wish is to be healthly enough to get more enjoyment out of my life and to be an inspiration to someone.

SparkPoints: (337)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 11
6/10/12 11:27 P

That I live up to my potential in all areas of my life.

Posts: 270
6/10/12 10:11 P

The health and wellness of my parents.

Posts: 8
6/10/12 9:19 P

I wish to stay on the plan I am working on, and to meet a nice person.

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