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3/26/12 8:20 P

Jazzynsxytea aka midnight insanity~ I used to get up and eat icecream with a spoon from the freezer...... a little exercise either before or after dinner helped me sleep better and IF I got up in the middle I'd switched to water instead of food. try it for a night or two and see if it works! We seem to take it out on ourselves , instead of the ones it should be directed to. I'm learning to hand it back to the ones who should own it. And the stuff that is out of our control.. embrace it then let it go. if need be.... deal with it another day.
Hang in there!

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3/26/12 6:54 P

someone else who eats in the Middle of the night....I just joined today, so my mind is still adjusting, let alone my body. An emotional mess of food I have created, from bordem, hurt, anger, stress, pain, and even joy! Wow.....I have eaten whatever I want, whenever I want, as if I were an athlete that ran and did pilates everyday...right! hahahah. I am 100 pounds over weight, out of shape, and only 33, but feel like I am 73. Sincerely, midnight insanity!!!!

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3/26/12 6:37 P

Stress eating used to be my biggest problem, until I finally realized that between college and work, those special-occasion binges had grown to a couple times a week. So I went out and bought a bunch of racing videogames. Amazingly, they seem to do pretty much the same thing, as long as I keep the food out of arm's reach of my couch!

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/26/12 5:51 P

Think about what you can have and focus on what makes you happy!

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3/26/12 7:46 A

Cricket168.. that would be an awesome book title "why does everything bad taste so good...." I was chuckling as I read your post! So true! ( there may even be a book already) Good luck!

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3/26/12 7:43 A

I was aware that I'd eat when I'm bored, but it took researching my cravings to realize I eat when I'm lonely (among other things). Special Occassions/eating out is a biggy too.

Plus I hate feeling deprived of the things I love. Why does everything bad taste so good, and good things taste so "bad"?!?! It would be so much easier if it were the other way around! : )

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3/25/12 9:14 P

Hi MEHLX~ It's hard to break the cycle of eating because you're frustrated/angry with yourself for eating! I do crafts or take a quick walk (10-20 minutes) and it helps. I need a distraction!
My most difficult challenge is making my day and life about more than food! And yet if I don't (make it about my next meal) I'm eating mindlessly. I'm much better if there is a plan.
Eating a couple of almonds/ hot tea will usually hold me over.
Hang in there!

CALAMITYJEN13 Posts: 150
3/25/12 5:11 P

Being bored is probably my biggest trigger. At home that's fine, because I can always find something interesting to do. It's at work that I have the biggest problem - I'm still working on a solution for it. I also stress-eat at work, again, working on it.

My job tends to switch between being doing mentally difficult tasks, and being run off my feet photocopying. Both of these tend to make me want to eat, and the 'snack area' (where people put goodies) is right in my line of vision emoticon

I have found having low-cal munchy foods like grapes can help, and having lots of hot drinks (more filling/comforting than cold ones). I guess my biggest problem is I can't go and do something else to occupy my mind.

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3/25/12 4:49 P

I'm definitely an emotional eater. Angry/frustrated with someone - like that's gonna show them. Mostly I eat when I'm disgusted with myself for overeating. Now that just makes a lot of sense doesn't it. If I could go into a store and not gravitate towards the junk it would be wonderful. emoticon

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DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/23/12 8:30 P

ELEMENOPEO - I wouldn't let my mom derail my plan. No matter how much it offends them - it shouldn't be something they control. You are in charge of your life and you get to decide. I wish you luck!

3/23/12 8:02 P

I crave sweets when I am not taking good care of myself - logical answer there is to slow down and eat healthy. I find fruit is actually a good substitute for me. I need to pull out of some commitments so that I ensure myself time to grocery shop, cook healthy meals and exercise.

My other weakness is eating to fit in - special occasions. I find it hard to stop at a reasonable portion of foods that can taste good (like the pizza I had tonight) but don't always give me the nutrition I need. I should have ordered a salad for the side instead of the 3rd piece. Or even just had one piece and the salad. I come from a family where things revolve around food so it is really hard to celebrate with my mom and not get her upset when I abstain from all the special foods. I live far away though so I usually just do the best I can then and ride out the temporary 5 lb gain. I'll be challenged again soon, so wish me luck!

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/23/12 6:58 P

I am thinking we need to focus on what we can have when cravings come. Choose something on your diet list, or - read, write, enjoy a hobby or something fun. We don't always have to work instead of eat!

TAT2SIS Posts: 53
3/23/12 3:40 P

I crave sugar when I'm tired, and that's a lot. Stressed out, emotionally drained these are all triggers for me.

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3/23/12 3:29 A

I've gotten a lot better about emotional eating, but I still find myself tempted when I'm stressed out over some dumb guy who doesn't deserve me in the first place.

I used to be REALLY bad about eating when I was bored, but I've pretty much nipped that in the bud. If I'm bored then I should be cleaning, studying, etc.

I don't tend to over indulge socially unless I'm drinking. I would say that's the absolute worst for me because I crave huge quantities of fried food. I always offer to be the designated driver for my friends (we used to take turns) so I can avoid the temptation.

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3/23/12 1:02 A


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3/23/12 12:04 A

I am a stress eater. I eat without thinking when I am stressed - it's almost like it's mechanical! I also tend to eat if I am tired and I don't want to fall asleep...became a major habit when I worked a graveyard shift...

DJHUMPHREY SparkPoints: (74,177)
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3/22/12 10:08 P

I eat in the middle of the night. As though those calories don't count. And for some reason I don't care, I'll eat anything. emoticon

SUE_2U Posts: 1,711
3/22/12 9:31 P

Frustration, boredom, anxiety, loneliness... those are the primary triggers for me.
If I'm angry or frustrated with myself, it's far worse than if I'm upset with someone else.
I'm trying hard to not give in to it, but I'm not sure what to substitute yet in those times.
Great suggestions, here. Thank you.
Mostly I think I need to just go do something else and forget about it, if I can.

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3/22/12 7:58 P

I over eat during negative stuff/emotions. I find PMS to make me over eat too. It was suggested to me to make a grumpy kit filled with nice things to use when I'm in grazing mood. A mani-pedi kit or gift certificate, bottles of scent, a funny movie, a relaxation CD, bubble bath are some of the suggestions to put in the kit. Of course there are times when food calls but I try to make better choices. The other day I wanted something sweet, so rather than candy, I sliced up a ripe banana and dipped it shredded coconut as I ate. That was enjoyable and I didn't have guilt about it afterwards.

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/22/12 7:53 P

Thank you for all your posts. We are subscribing to this site because we want to make a difference in our lives. We want support for that. I want you to add to your posts what your plan is to deal with your emotional eating. We can do this!

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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3/22/12 5:42 P

am a stress eater if have a deadline need to meet give me a snack
also angry make me mad and where is the ice cream
one day at a time

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3/22/12 4:01 P

“if hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution!” ARKPLE's blog today. How true it is - must keep it where I can see it.

I eat when:
special occasions

The worst seems to be mindless eating - where I seem to just want to eat - anything - does not even have to be sweet - just edible!!

WILDFLOWER521 Posts: 827
3/22/12 1:22 P

It seems like every time I get angry, aggrevated, or upset about something is when I tend to grab whatever is available. I have not noticed myself eating unneeded things when I'm happy or in a good mood. Those are the times I'm the most focused on staying on track and not falling off the wagon.

WUGGLE Posts: 19
3/22/12 12:04 P

#1 is boredom/laziness, if I'm not accomplishing anything, I tend to graze.
#2 is frustration/stress, I use sweets like ice cream to lower my stress levels.

I try to keep myself busy and have a plan. The biggest thing though, is keeping grazing foods out of the kitchen, or at least out of sight.
I haven't been successful at dealing with frustration and stress lately (mostly because there has been quite a bit of it), but I am trying to go for a walk or do some cleaning to centre myself.

3/22/12 11:13 A

Everything from celebration to boredom to depression urges me toward the refrigerator but the worst is being angry or frustrated. I really need to tame this emotional eating tiger if I have any hope of a permanent lifestyle change. It seems if I am angry, frustrated or depressed I just can't get enough to eat and of course the easy fattening foods is what I crave. I need to remind myself that ice cream does not cure all the problems in the world

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GOALMOTO SparkPoints: (61,918)
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3/22/12 10:59 A

Seem to eat more when I am nervous or more anxious or go after something like high sugar stuff like pop or high in fat.

3/22/12 10:29 A

I tend to overeat for lots emotional reasons, but my top ones are anger and frustration, especially when I feel powerless to change something that I think isn't fair or right.Now, I tend to write in my journal instead,talk to a friend, or try to do some constructive activity instead.

JOANNEJI Posts: 1,678
3/22/12 9:13 A

Boredom or anxiety are my triggers. I have to stay just moderately busy at all times. Too busy - anxiety sets in. Not busy enough - boredom sends me hunting for some tostitos!,

TEAROSE31 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 122
3/22/12 7:59 A

As I was reading your entry SusanK16, I'm thinking sadness& frustration are the biggest for me .... everything triggers eating! I LOVE good food ( healthy choices) however when I'm feeling sorry for myself a bag of jelly beans can get in my way! And that just perpetuates the cycle!
At that point I just need to walk it off! fresh air is best , but treadmill works , too! I'm learning to TASTE , not gorge, then walk away. ( haven't perfected it yet , but.....)

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LARIESSE SparkPoints: (0)
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3/22/12 7:53 A

I eat mostly when I am angry or sad or lonely or anxious. I eat to comfort myself, to cover my feelings.

When I am happy, I tend not to overeat.

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
3/22/12 5:50 A

I am a stress eater and unfortunately for me any emotion translates into stress for me. Happiness, sadness, frustration, does not matter will trigger eating. Luckily someone pointed it out to me and once I understood that it was far easier to stop, I really could see it occurring and retrain myself.

1HOTTAMALE Posts: 39
3/22/12 5:31 A

i overeat trying to punish myself, or make myself lower self worth. I'm never sure what spurs this emotion. I've been on a horrible binge for the last year and a half. It's so bad I called in sick yesterday just so i could overeat and sleep all day. I had not called in since March 2nd 2001!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (212,829)
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3/21/12 10:55 P

1 - overtired... I reach for food for quick energy

2 - bored - I eat mindlessly, anything that's handy, salty things first

3 - frustrated - I eat even though I'm not hungry... often to "punish" my husband for something he has done, or even something that I'd like him to do, but he hasn't

All totally stupid reasons, no excuse, and I know it doesn't satisfy the problem in any way.

NEWMOM20121 SparkPoints: (77,765)
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3/21/12 10:44 P

I eat when I am bored, sad, tired, mad.......

PINKFLY787 Posts: 136
3/21/12 10:38 P

Thanks, DRS510. :) I think over time I have come to see food differently, and luckily, I've stuck to my new good habits long enough that I can look ahead and know how much I'll regret succumbing to stress eating the next day. Thinking ahead keeps me on track for sure. Stress will come a billion more times -- that's life. But I've just gotten to the point where I refuse to let it give me an excuse to hurt my body!

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/21/12 10:14 P

Stress is a tough one because when we are stressed I think we make poor choices. So how do you plan to handle stress so that food is not a trigger?

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,453
3/21/12 8:53 P

Stress is the emotion which triggers eating for me.

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/21/12 8:39 P

pinkfly787- Good for you! I am glad you are on a better track now. I don't like stress either. One of my favorite ways to combat it is music - loud and lovely! Thanks!

3/21/12 7:50 P

i'm a stress and boredom eater

PINKFLY787 Posts: 136
3/21/12 7:02 P

I'm DEFINITELY (or, rather, used to be!) a stress eater. Anytime I'd go through periods of stress, I'd just eat and eat. The last couple of years have been a crazy rollercoaster for me, and I gained more weight than I had ever imagined. I've very happily combatted this weakness, though. Now, when I feel stressed and the urge to eat, I remind myself of all of the great progress I'm making, and instead, I do something fun to get my mind off things, like watch a movie, or paint my nails! :)

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
3/21/12 6:37 P

I was asked by someone what 3 kinds of emotions trigger my eating. I would say the boredom is for me #1. I am not sure but thinking lonely is #2 and #3 might be happy/celebrations. I decided to come up with a non-food solution to the emotions. For boredom, I can read a book. For lonely I can call a friend. For celebrations, I am kinda stuck, but I will come up with something. What kind of emotional eater are you and what is your solution?

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