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What makes you happy?

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Posts: 4,929
7/26/12 4:13 P

living life

Posts: 2,126
7/26/12 3:50 P

Life's small pleasures. Good coffee, good friends, my cats.

Posts: 4,039
7/26/12 3:31 P

Being around my family and connecting with my sisters who live out of state. I love Zumba and feeling strong and energetic!

SparkPoints: (93,851)
Fitness Minutes: (34,490)
Posts: 5,658
7/26/12 3:15 P

Aside from my kids, cooking new recipes and running makes me happy.

SparkPoints: (4,151)
Fitness Minutes: (2,126)
Posts: 849
7/26/12 3:12 P

my dogs they are so wonderful to me. When I have an off day they are by my side and do not eat or drink so I do not have to get up. The are so comforting.

Posts: 163
7/26/12 12:25 P

My seven beautiful and perfect grankchildren!!! Megan, Grace, Trevor, Kambri, Jaxon, Luke and Braelyn!!!!!!!
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SparkPoints: (104,151)
Fitness Minutes: (74,670)
Posts: 8,321
7/26/12 11:25 A

Hugs, being busy, meeting goals, baking.

Posts: 3,676
7/12/12 3:14 P

being able to be the free me that i know me as

Posts: 249
7/12/12 3:05 P

The craziness that is our family dinners. We eat as a family nearly every night of the week...It may be silly, but I love to just sit back and listen to the banter and laughter. It can sure get loud, but I still love it.

I also love sunday mornings...I walk down to get the paper and read it over a good hot cup of coffee chatting with my hubby who always cooks a big breakfast on Sundays.

Posts: 6,568
7/11/12 11:59 P

spending time with my family and helping others.

SparkPoints: (33,404)
Fitness Minutes: (33,749)
Posts: 2,039
7/11/12 11:44 P

Reading stories and singing songs to my grandchildren; cooking for friends and family; good music; hearing my grandgals play the piano; golfing with my husband and friends; travelling; tonight now that it has cooled off and just enjoying how peaceful it is; many, many things I can't think of right now. Loving and feeling loved; giving gifts make me happy. Here are a few of my favourite things that make me happy! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SparkPoints: (217,017)
Fitness Minutes: (194,440)
Posts: 6,800
7/11/12 10:57 P

Being able to say, " I did all that I could and I succeeded!"

Posts: 1,238
7/11/12 10:18 P

besides family and animals.... the sense of having accomplished something completely!

Posts: 4,659
7/11/12 10:17 P

sleeping late and spending time with my dogs!

SparkPoints: (3,034)
Fitness Minutes: (419)
Posts: 100
7/7/12 8:50 A

My life!

SparkPoints: (65,563)
Fitness Minutes: (102,217)
Posts: 2,684
7/7/12 7:15 A

my son, my family, my little dog and big dog, all my kitty cats!

Posts: 2,126
7/7/12 5:39 A

shopping : )

SparkPoints: (24,406)
Fitness Minutes: (29,085)
Posts: 833
7/7/12 4:56 A

my family

Posts: 294
7/7/12 4:44 A

being with fam/exercising/listening to my loud music

Posts: 226
7/7/12 3:32 A

Seeing my kids happy, being with my husband, music and a good book. And after the microburst here the other night, electricity. God bless Thomas Edison.

Posts: 5,692
7/7/12 1:11 A

The simple pleasures of life; like reading a good book, cross-stitching, surfing the net, watching Korean drama with my Mom, taking a walk with my Mom in the cool of twilight!, etc.

SparkPoints: (2,123)
Fitness Minutes: (1,603)
Posts: 16
7/6/12 9:27 P

The Fact that the Lord gave me other day to open my eyes and see my two kids run around

Posts: 659
7/6/12 9:23 P

Being able to play with granddaughter and take a walk with her without knee or hip pain.

Posts: 800
7/6/12 9:17 P

I awake at 5am to my 2 beautiful German Shepherds, Prince and Sophia. After i have woken up and got ready i take my dogs out individually(1-1 time), rain or shine and enjoy the elements of Mother Nature while having fun. Having 1-1 time with my dogs always makes me smile.

What makes me happy is knowing that i have taken the time out of my day to make sure their individual attention has been catered for, i give them a wholesome walk as well as an off-leash run all the time engaging in their enjoyment of the time spent together. Ahhhh, my dogs make me extremely happy emoticon

SparkPoints: (217,017)
Fitness Minutes: (194,440)
Posts: 6,800
7/6/12 1:42 A

When I wake up every morning to a brand new day.

Posts: 5,938
7/6/12 12:44 A

Harmony, kindness, and a cool rainy day with a good book, a great chair and a lap cat!
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SparkPoints: (20,346)
Fitness Minutes: (41,738)
Posts: 523
7/6/12 12:41 A

My little sister's giggle
Being able to do five push-ups without falling.
Seeing improvement.
Pushing my body to do what I never thought I could.
Wearing dresses.
Blueberries, milk, and grape nuts.
Saying no to french fries
Saying yes to lettuce-wrapping my burgers and opting for the side salad.
Wake-up texts when my boyfriend gets his first work break at 8 AM

Posts: 6,108
7/6/12 12:33 A

nice sharon..........Dennis and Jesus makes me happy. So does my cardio and weight lifting classes.

Posts: 5,853
7/5/12 8:02 P

Besides the obvious (husband and son) it's my yard, my beautiful garden that my husband made for me that invites all the beautiful butterflies, some that I've never seen before... I look on like a child sometimes with a huge smile on my face just amazed at what the love of my husband has brought into our yard.
The beauty of nature at it's best we're getting Easter Swallow Tiger Swallowtails, Monarchs, Red Admirals, Black Swallowtails, Common Wood Nymph, Painted Lady, Canadian Tiger Swallowtails, American Copper, Meadow Fritillary, Atlantis Fritillary. I had to buy a book about butterflies so that I could Identify some of these gorgeous little creatures, I get tears in my eyes when I see all the beautiful butterflies not to mention the hummingbirds, hummingbird moths and dragonflies that are always in the yard...
They all come to visit because of the love of my husband and his love for me and that makes me So Happy! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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