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AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/12/05 10:15 A

Bought Pizza last night! What was I thinking!!
Was good.
Was to tired after being out for a bout 6 hours.
Aunt Bee

Have a good weekend everyone!

CAMILLE1952 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6,436
3/2/05 10:44 A

I'm here! Not sure why you can't find me! emoticon

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/1/05 10:54 P

Hello there!
Hope everone had a great day, I am doing better hope I am getting over this bronciticis. Head cold that set in.
Keep on doing what you need to do to make your dreams come true.
Make it Happen in 2005
Aunt Bee emoticon

LINLOSEANDWIN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,310
3/1/05 9:31 P

I've been searching for your thread. Where are you girl? emoticon

CAMILLE1952 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6,436
3/1/05 6:54 P

Happy to hear that I"m not alone in my quest to be thin. I'm suppose to be watching what I'm eating and my weight is up again! It's been so hard for me this winter. I can't seem to break from wanting to nibble--even the healthy stuff. I've been exercising more, apparently eating more, even if its healthy. I'm really looking forward to Spring. We had another snow storm yesterday--it's so depressing! Hope to hear from one of you soon! Camille

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/1/05 2:49 A

I keep telling my self use it or lose it!

I have done much of any thing since I have been sick again.
Aunt Bee
emoticon Didn't go to Tops because didn't want to pass on my sicknees

ALOHAJUNE SparkPoints: (3,249)
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Posts: 947
2/27/05 1:00 P

Thanks for sharing your feelings on a bad day. I believe all of use at some time have the same thoughts and feelings. My weight will get me down faster than anything!! Wonder why that is? And yes, even though it gets me low at time, I am amazed that I too, binge from time to time!! Hope your gazelle comes soon. I believe you will enjoy it as much as I do mine. Aloha, June

CONNIED53 Posts: 619
2/27/05 12:25 P

Yes, today is a new day. I want to do this.... somedays it just seems so exhausting!!!

My husband and I are buying bicycles with our income tax refund... and our gazelle should be delivered tomorrow. I know EXERCISE is what my body needs most! It screams out at me to move, but I say NOOOOO.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,755
2/27/05 9:42 A


Today is a new day, so try to learn from your mistakes and move on. Do you know why you binged? If you can figure that out, it will help you prevent it from happening next time. We're all here if you need us!

Coach Jen

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/26/05 7:05 P





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CONNIED53 Posts: 619
2/26/05 6:42 P

Boy you might have hit all my nails on the head!

LINLOSEANDWIN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,310
2/26/05 6:20 P

Sometimes I punish myself if I feel I'm doing too good-like I don't deserve to be happy, healthy and free.
Other times, it's just the hormones going crazy!
Don't let it get you down, just keep on trying! emoticon

CONNIED53 Posts: 619
2/26/05 5:03 P

I was doing so well...... for 2 days.... and then WHAM

Why do I binge?

Now my stomach hurts, and I'm feeling sick and tired and ugly and BLA

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