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10/28/10 1:54 P

Pork Chops, unsweetened apple sauce, beans.

AQUAPOWERS SparkPoints: (17,037)
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10/25/10 9:05 A

Monday is macaroni night at our house.

GETNFITGUY SparkPoints: (23,650)
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7/28/10 9:18 A

Atlantic pink salmon, 1 cup mashed potatoes with garlic and a little butter and green beans.

DEVILDOG50 SparkPoints: (41,248)
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7/27/10 8:55 P

6" Subway Roasted Chicken Breast emoticon

7/27/10 5:50 P

Chicken stirfry.....has anyone tried spaghetti squash..its delicous

JIMBO324 Posts: 80
7/27/10 3:40 P

Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, garlic and Olive Oil.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
7/27/10 1:54 P

Grilled Chicken with cajun seasoning with grilled veggies

GETNFITGUY SparkPoints: (23,650)
Fitness Minutes: (25,262)
Posts: 734
7/27/10 8:59 A

Grilling up some pork chops tonight with some sort of veggie (asparagus or beans probably) and then some brown long grain rice.

LUMPYEARS1 Posts: 296
7/27/10 6:15 A

Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, bread and a strawberry shake! I had surgery on my mouth and needed a tasty "soft" meal that was also comfort food!

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7/27/10 4:54 A

Turkey breast sandwich and salad

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7/26/10 8:09 P

The missus made chicken pot pie. It's homemade, so tons of veggies ... spectacular dish.

7/26/10 5:14 P

Just checking to see what everyone is having for dinner.

I'm going to have a stir fry with shrimp and scallops and tons of veggies. For dessert 1 cup of fresh strawberries. emoticon

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