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9/20/12 5:12 P

Good question...four months before would be cutting it close for me in the wrong direction. Lol. We're about 6 months out and I have about 20 more pounds I'd like to lose. Definitely don't think it would be good to do that in just 8 weeks. Lol. Nor could I actually do it anyways. I'd like to have it done by January though. Then again, it's not sooo much about the pounds but about the inches.

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9/17/12 10:25 A

Most bridal shops will tell you that you need to order your gown at least 8 months before the day. But you can always have it taken in. Better too big than too small.

9/13/12 8:30 P

I was reading about this on a bridal website the other day. They suggest that you try and reach your goal weight 4 months before the wedding. Then, ideally, you can find your dress and just maintain for four months. I don't know any brides that can do this, but it does sound like it would make everything less stressful!

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9/12/12 10:10 P

I am not getting married until next october, but i was just curious of what everyone thought. so here is the question, How long before the wedding should you stop loosing weight and start maintaining?

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