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Where is the First/Last place you lose weight/inch

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SparkPoints: (1,273)
Fitness Minutes: (1,225)
Posts: 41
5/17/12 7:35 P

I notice it first on my butt because the seat of my pants gets baggy. I notice it last off of the sides of my hips (hello, holster hips!). So, until my body evens out I have this wide, flat butt.

Posts: 13,618
5/17/12 7:30 P

My bosom area. Still fighting with the tummy

SparkPoints: (25,521)
Fitness Minutes: (9,976)
Posts: 969
5/17/12 3:55 P

I'm the opposite of most people it seems, I lose weight from the bottom up! My legs, hips and bum have shrunk loads but I still have a massive chest and a big round face. I wish my double chin would hurry up and shrink already!

Posts: 6,108
5/17/12 3:50 P

my boobs shrunk first..........and the last to go and still going is my tummy.

SparkPoints: (74,211)
Fitness Minutes: (5,221)
Posts: 9,544
5/17/12 1:58 P

I seem to lose from top down...face, neck, arms. Abdomen/derriere' always the last to go.

Posts: 2,667
5/17/12 7:00 A

1st was probably stomach, although I'm guessing breast/under arms area was pretty close to tied in that.

Last is likely inner thighs, "love handles" - like a my chiropractor said yesterday - there are still a few areas that a little toning/loss would improve, but he doesn't think I have a substantial amount left to lose.

SparkPoints: (492)
Fitness Minutes: (449)
Posts: 31
5/17/12 2:09 A

Where on your body did you first notice inches lost, and where is the last place you seem to lose it?

For me the first place was my stomach, and the last is inner thighs and Breasts.

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