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The show is also not my cup of tea. Now the season premiere of NCIS. That is my cup of tea.

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i would like to see this show!! it looks interesting. i saw the first trailer for it when i went to see The Hunger Games

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9/11/12 10:31 P


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9/11/12 7:58 P

Whattt????????? Not my cup of tea insofar as entertainment.

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9/11/12 7:40 P


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NBC's latest big budget show comes in the form of Revolution, which follows the story of an unknown phenomenon that disables all advanced technology on the planet. This forces people to adapt to a world without technology. We jump fifteen years later and see how the world has progressed without technology. People still try to live as they did before the blackout but now they have to worry about warlords and militia that have taken over most areas. The show focuses on the Matheson family, who hold an item that will explain what happened fifteen years ago as well as reverse the effects of the blackout, but they must keep it from the warlords who want to possess that power to rule the world.

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