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All of our apps are made for tracking only, however, the android app does have a barcode scanner that allows you to scan a food to track it. Other than that, the apps are basically the same and are for tracking only. If you are looking to do more than tracking, then you may want to check out the various types of phones and see if there is one that has a browser that you like. You can view the full site and post on the message boards through the regular site on a phone browser, but it may take longer because of scrolling. I don't know that there is one particular phone platform or model that is best for that, but if you are going to look for a new phone, I would recommend going to your phone store and looking at the various phone model options and see which one you like best.

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I don't currently have a smart phone, but my contract is over (have been with verizon and its predecessors for over 20 years) and I will be shopping around for the best deal. The only reason I really need a smart phone is for Spark People because I do not own a working computer or have internet at home. I want to know which has the very best ability to do more than just track food and exercise. Thanks! emoticon I specifically do not want to lose all my streaks

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