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8/10/12 4:23 A

Dragonchild, I loved your "anything can be part of a healthy diet" remark! Its so true! Moderation and common sense is the key here emoticon

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8/8/12 1:10 P

Anything can be a part of a healthy diet. :) Brown rice does have more nutrient content than white rice, but white rice is just fine. Keep your portions small, and there's no reason you can't have it. Just make sure not to short yourself on complex carbs and whole grains. :)

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8/8/12 10:40 A

brown rice has a little more fiber than white rice and a few less carbs

white rice is about 120 calories per 1/2 cup
brown rice is about 109 per 1/2 cup

Personally, I find white rice tasteless and brown rice has a little nutty flavor.
I also find white rice to be mushy and brown rice to have a firmer texture.

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8/6/12 10:33 P

of course you can eat white rice. 1/2 cup is a serving.

8/6/12 8:53 P

Can white rice be part of a healthy diet or is it best to stick with brown rice? Thanks for any answers or info.

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