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FUNNEL Posts: 4
4/1/12 11:38 A

It makes sense. I was not expecting it to do it retroactively. I would have expected something smarter from the system.

Thanks !!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
4/1/12 7:25 A

If you are not changing your weight in the goals and progress section, then you are not changing the input that calculates your ranges. And that is your current weight, not your goal weight that needs to be accurate.
and also, are you just looking at the reports? because in most of the reports, the current state writes over the older. in other words if your bmr was 2000 and you lost ten pounds and it became 1990, once you have changed the tracker it shows the 1990 bmr, even before you swapped down to that one. so you would have had to note your starting bmr somewhere else to see that the current bmr is less than the starting bmr because every time you adjust, it retroactively changes what bmr is shown. if that makes any sense. i haven't really slept and while i know what i'm thinking about, it doesn't seem to be coming out quite how it sounds in my head.

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FUNNEL Posts: 4
4/1/12 7:19 A

Hi there,

I have lost 30 lbs so far (woohoo) after having a definite flat line period. I was looking at my weekly reports over time and noted that SparkPeople wasn't adjusting my BMR. Since current weight is one of the factors, why isn't that being adjusted? I looks like I have to constantly adjust my goal weights to do that. I know other programs will adjust your calorie intake as you lose and was curious why it wasn't being done here (or am I missing a setting)?


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