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5/14/13 10:10 A

There is no such thing as "resting your pancreas." The pancreas has 2 functions: It secretes glycogen, which helps break down all food components (carbs, proteins, fats, and nucleic acids) into glucose. Glucose is the one and only thing your body uses in a very complex chain of chemical reactions to produce ENERGY. During this process, products of waste are created in forms that can be eliminated by the body--carbon dioxide (eliminated by the lungs). the other function of the pancreas is to produce insulin, which takes glucose into your cells for use. As long as you are alive, your pancreas will function. it does not rest.
All that being said--this "diet" your dr. has put you on is not necessarily a weight loss diet. The word "diet" means simply what you eat. You need a weight loss diet--or better yet--you need Sparkpeople. This is where you can get your body healthy and get to a healthier weight. My educated guess as a( nurse) is that all of your "health problems" are stemming from being overweight. I'm sorry if this offends you in any way. It just makes me so angry for supposed professionals to make such statements as "rest your pancreas." it's bad medicine and bad advice. The only credit I can give your doctor is that maybe he did not want to say the things I have said. he put you on this shake diet to help reduce your weight knowing that eventually your other medical conditions would get better with weight loss. Again, I apologize is I have offended.

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5/13/13 8:35 P

I hear what y'all are saying. I think I'm still going to stick it out for a while longer. So far it's been the easiest diet program I've ever done (including just eating healthy and exercising). I don't actually feel deprived, yet.

I loathe MLM companies, but nothing about my experience (at least so far) has had a MLM feel to it. I'm not bought-in to a subscription, and they haven't asked me or even insinuated that I ask/recruit others. I've posted a total ingredient list on my blog and a total nutrition information list. Do I believe everything printed on the material I've been given, no. I'm going to find it out for myself.

As a part of the protocol I'm being monitored for cholesterol, blood glucose, weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, hydration, and neck, chest, waist, hips, arms, and calf measurements. My fitness coach has repeatedly said that this is NOT a quick fix, this is designed to help people (me) transition to a healthier lifestyle while addressing underlying issues regarding my relationship with food. It's about eating to live, not living to eat.

I'm happy on this diet. It's helping me learn to love vegetables. It's helping me understand that I can make it through a stressful day at work and not eat two hamburgers and a bag of potato chips afterwards. I have felt "deprived" for maybe a total of three hours in the last week (and by deprived I mean, wanting something I'm not supposed to have, being ravenously hungry, or being down about my diet). How many of us can say that about our own weight loss programs.

I'll be the first one on here to say, "I made a huge mistake going with this program." I have no loyalties to this diet or the company. I read about this and asked questions when I started thinking about this program. My blog will accurately reflect what happens to me on this program and my posts here will do the same.

To be honest, some of your feedback has seemed pretty harsh when I feel like I just wanted some good info on yummy, low-carb meals or maybe find someone else on the protocol to talk with. I'm doing something that works for me, that's suggested by my very competent doctor, and monitored by someone with the skills to help me address my underlying issues with regards to food.

I literally almost started crying reading some of these latest posts. It wasn't just that they were explaining the dangers of meal replacement diets, they almost seemed to accuse me of being stupid or led-on when all I've felt is that I'm on the road to being healthier than I've ever been my entire life.

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5/11/13 11:26 P

I think it's time for a new doctor. If you're pre-diabetic, you need a diabetes specialist, not someone who thinks you can "rest your pancreas." And definitely not someone who thinks you can do it with products from an EXTREMELY sketchy company. Check out their website; it's full of typos, it gives zero information about ingredients, it has NO links to research, and the testimonials are all written in exactly the same voice as the main page (same misspellings, same grammar errors, extremely similar word choices.) There's far more information about how to set up your own "clinic" than there is about the product, which is always a huge red flag. They're headquartered in Utah, the state with the weakest legal system when it comes to controlling wild claims by supplement makers (or "suppliment," as this kompany spels it on they're web cite.)

Your doctor appears to have fallen for a scam. If you love this doctor, stick with him/her for other types of care, but you deserve someone who knows what they're doing for your nutrition and diabetes care. If your doctor is honest, s/he'll be thankful if you point out that WiO does not look like a credible company and ask for a referral to an endocrinologist or diabetes educator. If your doctor gets offended, the s/he's not someone you can trust, anyway.

If you really feel that you must do a meal replacement program, choose one that sells its products as food, not as supplements. There are no truth-in-labelling laws for supplements, so they can be selling you pure sugar. (One popular diet supplement is actually just coffee creamer!) But the thing about meal replacements is that when you're done, you still have to learn to eat that healthy whole foods diet. It won't be any easier then (and in fact it's likely to be harder, because you'll be burned out and craving food after four months of shakes.)

All you're doing is delaying the real solution-- the one YOU already KNOW you need to do-- for an extra 126 days.

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5/11/13 8:50 P

Here's the thing about shake-based diets. They're all the same, for starters;none provides any benefit over the other.

They can be a valid way of restricting calories to lose weight.

However, they do NOT teach you how to deal with the cause of your weight gain in the first place. You don't learn how to cope with real food, because you aren't eating real food. You're restricting your diet and denying yourself healthy, balanced whole food and replacing that with highly processed meal replacements that have no benefit over regular food (and are usually loaded with tons of unnecessary additives that have no proven benefits at all!)

These programs have a high recidivism rate because in the end, you don't learn how to deal with life. It's not a lifestyle choice, it's a short-term diet program, and that kind of attitude is why 80% of people who diet, fail.

Sparkpeople doesn't generally support fat diets, multilevel marketing schemes, and that sort of thing. It promotes a healthy lifestyle for life that includes real food, all the time, and learning the tools you need to succeed in the long run. :)

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5/11/13 5:52 P

Wonderful to hear you are doing this as only a temporary step, on your doctors advice!!! I hadn't slowed down to think of that possibility, so please accept my apology!!
All the best,

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5/11/13 5:41 P

Thanks for the great responses. :) I have metabolic syndrome and my doctor suggested I do this diet in order to help retrain my body and rest my pancreas. I totally get that meal replacement diets won't work in the long term, but my body needs this right now. I have a family history of diabetes and obesity, and I don't want to become a statistic. I'm being monitored by my doctor at my fitness coach. After I'm done with this protocol (about 126 days) I'll be ready to eat a healthy, whole foods, whole grains diet.

In regards to my username, I don't associate negative connotations with the word "fat." To me it's just a state of being. I'm attempting to reclaim the word like the LGBT community as reclaimed fa**** or the African American/Black community has reclaimed the n-word. I love my body. I just want to be more healthy regardless of what the scale tells me.

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5/11/13 5:20 P

I completely agree with Ladystarwind. The whole point of SP is that it shows us that it is possible to lose weight by eating properly and healthily. That means eating actual food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for snacks. It means retraining our brains and our stomachs to eat better, sometimes to eat less (but sometimes to eat more!) but to realise that there are no foods that we "can't have".

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5/11/13 5:14 P

I think you will find few Spark users who use "meal replacement" programs....!! That's NOT the nutrition plan that's promoted here....instead, it is learning to eat healthy food, in appropriate quantities. That's the way of eating that you can continue throughout your lifetime, and it doesn't cost extra like "meal replacement shakes" do!

There are so many great articles, helpful tools and wonderful advice on this site. I hope you will take advantage of them---and re-think whether you want to live with "shakes" instead of real, healthy food....

Good Luck!

PS--you might want to also rethink what you are telling yourself with your "screen name"! You are reinforcing a negative image of yourself EVERY time you type it. Don't do that to yourself---you are far more important that that!!!

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5/11/13 3:42 P

Hi, I'm new to spark people, but I love the resources and recipes here, so I joined. I'm currently on the WiO diet (no relation to the game or the Wii). It's kind of new and I was wondering if anyone here was also on this diet protocol? Do you have any tips?

It's a meal replacement protocol, shake for breakfast, shake for lunch (with a salad), protein and veggies for dinner, and a shake before bed. I'm writing a blog on it because there is so little information out there. I promise I didn't add this account just to promote my blog. I really want people interested in the diet to get a good idea of what it is actually like. This is my blog --

If no one is doing the WiO diet, but they are doing a low carb diet, what's it like? Edit: What do you prefer to eat and what don't you prefer to eat? What are some yummy low-carb substitutes you have learned for your favorite foods?

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