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DOROTHYLEE61 SparkPoints: (153)
Fitness Minutes: (20,644)
Posts: 5,582
7/23/11 11:06 P


TATTER3 SparkPoints: (283,294)
Fitness Minutes: (176,963)
Posts: 14,831
7/23/11 10:58 A

To know that my life has meant something good to someone!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (325,025)
Fitness Minutes: (178,367)
Posts: 21,645
7/23/11 9:46 A

I believe like CarolAngel that if you can perceive, believe you will receive all you wish.

So my wish is to make wise wishes emoticon

NEWKATHYNOW SparkPoints: (189,419)
Fitness Minutes: (19,490)
Posts: 8,605
7/23/11 1:31 A

To be healthy, happy and productive and continue to give back.

CAROLANGEL SparkPoints: (8,163)
Fitness Minutes: (6,202)
Posts: 72
7/22/11 1:29 P

More wishes! emoticon
Actually, The law of attraction teaches us that we can have all the wishes we want. I am thankful for all that I have and will have and also the desire to desire!

DANSBJE Posts: 171
7/22/11 10:09 A

If you could have 1 wish for life after 50, what would it be?

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