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Yesterday was 1st day and this is wht i ate..

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Posts: 560
2/29/12 4:03 P

That's a great start! I love how you had that cup of ice cream. It's important not to deprive yourself. If you feel like you can NEVER have a food, it is such a demotivator and encourages you to binge. Good luck!

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Fitness Minutes: (100)
Posts: 15
2/27/12 2:07 P

I believe that u can do it. just remember, one day at a time.

Posts: 3
2/27/12 10:23 A

Ok i get what u said, thanx

Posts: 3
2/27/12 10:22 A

thank u

Posts: 11,848
2/27/12 10:07 A

I'd say the orange juice was a big waste of calories, adding lots of empty calories from all the sugar in it.

Snack on an actual orange to get some real nutritional benefits, less calories and actually feel fuller from eating rather than drinking.

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Posts: 37
2/27/12 9:43 A

Not bad for your first day. You may want to incorporate a little bit more protein -- maybe with a few nuts as a snack? Good luck to you!!!

Posts: 3
2/27/12 8:19 A

Kellogs berries sp K (1 cup) - 110
Skim milk (1/4 cup) - 20
Medium red apple (1) - 81.5

Morning Snack:
Danon Activia Light strawberry yogurt (1) - 70

McDonald Grilled chicken Salad (1) - 280
Fruit salad (2 cups) - 147

Afternoon Snack:
Orange juice (1 glass) - 109.6

Grilled Lamb chops (4 oz) - 170
Steamed mixed vegetables (2 cups) - 60
Vanilla ice cream (1 cup) - 265.3

1313.4 calories

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