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You guys I'm kind of lost. Quick question.

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Posts: 374
1/19/12 11:03 A

This is what I know and what I have heard on the boards lol. As long as you are doing the recommended calorie burning that they recommend than you you should be alright following the calorie range. When I first started last year I ate 1200-1500 a day (mostly 1200-1300) and I did cardio everyday just burning about 300 calories. I lost weight steady. Once I started working out more and burning more calories, I had to adjust that on my account.

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1/19/12 6:44 A

Wish I had the answer for you. My range is similar to yours, and I am not losing either, which makes me wonder if I'm not eating enough. I don't have any problem reaching the recommended range, but wonder if with the cardio I do, I shouldn't be eating more (healthy things of course). Hoping that I will figure out the right combination soon!

Posts: 2,029
1/18/12 12:16 P

Beatinged got it. I found that when I first signed up on SP, my calorie range was too high and I was gaining weight. Then I modified my range according to my HRM and have been showing progress since.

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1/17/12 9:23 P

Thanks a ton. I know it is hard sometime reaching the target calorie amount although I will say that lately I've been finding out new foods that I thought I wouldn't like to be quit appealing to the taste buds emoticon . I figured that much about cutting back that is why I started working out today! (yay). Thanks very much for answering my question. emoticon

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1/17/12 9:10 P

I have problems on most days reaching the minimum calorie range for me that SP say to reach. I do know that wt gain can happen from eating to little in a day. If you are eating within your range and want to lose more i would say increase activity rather than cutting back on calories.

SparkPoints: (2,071)
Fitness Minutes: (1,218)
Posts: 17
1/17/12 8:54 P

Have any of you guy and gals had any successful weight loss by actually staying within the recommended calorie value spark people give you, or or you eating right under it? My range is 1200-1550 a day. I know it may seem like a stupid question but I've found myself just being able to maintain my weight more recently and not actually lose. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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