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KIRSTYRE Posts: 99
3/26/12 6:05 A

Hubby and I are planning on doing WD 2013 in London if anyone can make it :) Give you an excuse to get to EUR, and it would be totally cool if we were all zombies.

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
3/23/12 3:02 P

Thanks for the laugh! Reminds me of a Friends episode! Running and screaming down a NYC street!

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 13,372
3/23/12 12:01 P

It was like $8 on the iPhone

ARYLKO Posts: 1,234
3/23/12 11:50 A

This sounds really fun, I can't wait for it to come out on Android! How much does it cost?

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 13,372
3/23/12 10:21 A

That would be AWESOME!!! Zombies invadine the WD!!! Love the idea!!

KIRSTYRE Posts: 99
3/23/12 4:26 A

Run for your Lives looks like a really fun race - I checked it out last week. If I still lived in Indy I'd definitely be going to the IN one this year, but I'm overseas now - not many cool races. Warrior Dash is over here though, so I'll have to settle for that. Maybe dress up as a zombie for WD. :)

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (57,056)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,646
3/22/12 6:13 P

Tabs, this is a game for the iPhone and iPod touch... (coming out for android soon) although Zombie runs ARE fun!

New update was released... and if you haven't joined the team, come check it out!

MIKEYCO SparkPoints: (18,592)
Fitness Minutes: (3,866)
Posts: 287
3/22/12 2:42 P

This sounds awesome. The website says it will be out for android in the spring. I hope it is soon.

TABS311 SparkPoints: (11,793)
Fitness Minutes: (5,424)
Posts: 409
3/22/12 2:39 P

I'm not sure what this is, but I signed up for a Zombie Run in November in Orlando.

KIRSTYRE Posts: 99
3/22/12 1:57 P

Thanks for posting the team! That's awesome.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 13,372
3/20/12 5:34 P

Love it!! I wasnt sure becaue it was so expensive. But, I really do like it!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (57,056)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,646
3/20/12 12:54 P

Oh yes! I've run three times in the past week, when I had stopped running entirely... this is ON TOP of my usual gym visits!

And you'll find there's more than one of us. We even have a sparkteam!

I love this game so very much. I can't wait until they add random zombie chases to accelerometer mode.

KIRSTYRE Posts: 99
3/20/12 7:37 A

I tried it. I love it and can't wait to do the next mission each day. That's pretty motivating - plus zombies chasing me? I definitely picked up the pace! It was such a great workout I was so sore the next day, and the day after. (Relative to not stretching enough, too). :)

BRULAAAA Posts: 27
3/10/12 4:57 P

I have the application and have used it twice. I find it a great adventure while running, but I run on the treadmill so it is a nice thing to listen to. It keeps me attentive to something else other than the miles counting up or the time counting by. I recommend it, especially if you are running on a treadmill.

KIRSTYRE Posts: 99
3/10/12 4:50 P

Has anyone used the application Zombies, Run! to stay motivated while running (or walking?) How do you like it? Did you see a large increase in fitness minutes or wanting to actually run? I have a really hard time staying, or even getting, motivated and feel this might just be what I need.

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