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9/28/12 4:27 P

All "energy drinks" are mindless rubbish you're putting into your body. None give you any health benefits whatsoever. You would be healthier to skip them entirely.

However, if this one is getting the 'energy' from caffeine rather than sugar, it probably is a slightly better choice than a sugar loaded one.

Try to get yourself to a point where you do not feel you need energy drinks. You're right - enough sleep (and a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise) will help you feel energised enough. Work on that. If it's "sometimes just not so doable" then work on why and resolve those issues instead of band-aiding the problem with energy drinks.

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9/27/12 11:56 P

Has anybody seen it at Costco?

I bought a case of 30 of them, and I do intend to use them all up with my boyfriend who LOVES them, but I'm wondering just how healthy of an "energy drink" alternative it is.

The B-vitamin levels don't fool me into thinking it's an energy booster, but I do think the caffeine/stimulants in it are. I won't drink coffee and I like how it forced me to drink 2-3 cups with each tube. I love the potassium value (~900 mg) as I often have trouble getting in enough K as it is. It's only 10 calories per tube... I normally don't drink ANY caffeine whatsoever. It used to make me violently sick, but as I've gotten a bit older it's effect has mellowed out and now it just gives me a very slight energy boost so I can stay awake if I have long reports to finish (I'm a college student- I know it's much healthier to get that energy from SLEEP but sometimes it's just not so doable!)

What is your take on the stuff?

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