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4/27/12 9:59 P

Thank you... I hope to see you around and keep in touch.... encouragement is a great motivator.

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4/27/12 9:00 P

emoticon Shopping can be emotionally tough, eh?

emoticon you're right to act on the urge when you feel it! Use this to spring forward and hold onto your reasons deep down inside your heart, don't let go & refuse to quit & soon, shopping will be more fun!

emoticon emoticon emoticon and remember, our body is just our package... tall or short, whatever our hair or eyeball color... it makes us unique... we can work to be healthier and fitter, our best selves... but we are ALWAYS as precious as any baby! We matter just as much as everyone else, deserve to live, breathe, have a life, family, friends, job, home, etc, just like everyone else... Although we have many priorities in life, we can and truly need to take care of ourselves... it's not selfish, it's essential... and as we do, things like today will get better! Hang in! Soon you'll be celebrating & shopping for smaller clothes :)

BMW9295 SparkPoints: (21,819)
Fitness Minutes: (7,536)
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4/27/12 6:10 P

So today.... my husband decided he wanted to get me a few things to wear around the house... he is not happy with me looking like a "tomboy" ...... He takes me shopping at a local thrift store.
Oh my gosh talk about motivation. To me I looked HORRIBLE in everything I tried on. It was motivating. I honestly did not want to eat anything for lunch because I hated how I looked. However, I know that is not the right way to lose weight and get in shape... most importantly it is not healthy.
So tomorrow I add a little extra to my workout routine and watch to make sure I am eating as healthy as possible.

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