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9/27/12 3:54 P

I'm finally reaching my calories and most nutrients; doing some stretching, walking with my walker to the corner; it's a l o n g street 15 minutes to the corner and back is 30 mins. 865 steps from the front door of the building to the corner or 1730 steps round trip. Did I mention it's a hill? Bikers must switch gears.
I do 2 of these plus some stretching, house cleaning and 5 minutes of the 11 minute chair video 2x's.
THE PROBLEM...I'm burning so many calories I get the red sentences, I've adjusted the calorie thing a ma gig twice. emoticon baffulled.
Any suggestions?

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6/29/12 11:45 A

Weekends are bought for many reasons. Tracking is challenging but I don't always have access to the computer and the SP app for blackberry drives me batty. Then it seems we have a family gathering or party of some kind every weekend. It's hard to make good choices when your hungry and your options are chips and dip with more chips and dip followed by cake.

I am a huge social eater and that is something I need to get under control. New foods I don't get to eat often that are presented at buffet type family gatherings are hard for me to turn down. Then. once I start eating I can't seem to stop myself. I'm a grazer my husband says.

I know my challenges. I just have to figure out how to get past them.

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6/28/12 2:45 P

what spark people does with your calories burned number is it takes it, divides by 7 and adds those calories to your bmr and daily activities before it subtracts out your deficit.
so if you're burning half your calories burned cals in one day, but you're on track for the rest of the week [in other words, your weekly total is accurate], then you don't need to do anything but eat in the ranges already provided. if you find yourself hungrier the day of or the day after, you can eat a little higher those days and a little closer to the bottom the rest of the week. but if your weekly number is accurate, you don't really need to change anything.
if you are going higher on a weekly basis, you will need to go to the start page and adjust your goals.

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6/28/12 1:51 P

Hi There!

If you want your calories adjusted, go to the start page and click to adjust your goals. If you manually change your calories burned per week (For example, if it's currently at 3,000, but your believe you burned an extra 1,500 - then adjust it accordingly to how many you believe you'll burn in total this week) and your calories will adjust on your Nutrition page.

I think you should adjust your calorie intake - in my experience, I actually lose more when I eat more, which sounds counter-intuitive, but is sometimes the case when you're exercising intensely multiple days per week. Simply put: your body requires more sustenance!

I don't really recommend "saving" calories -- I really recommend figuring out why you eat poorly on the weekends. It is simply because you don't mind? The food is in front of you? More social events? You're not tracking?

Changing those behaviors can really help you with your goals! I saw the most dramatic changes in my body once I got my weekend eating under control. I'm still social with friends - and still indulge in treats - at restaurants but am more mindful of portion sizes and the overall nutrition of the food I'm eating. I also find that weekends are the most helpful time to track so I don't go overboard.

I recommend going for more nutritious foods and paying less attention to calories. For example, you can eat 100 calories of chocolate (a fairly small square) that has little to no vitamins (antioxidants if it's dark!) or you can have a 100 calorie piece of fruit with a ton of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your body. If you start making healthier choices, you'll experience the Domino Effect - similar to what you're seeing with working out - making 1 good choice leads to another, which leads to even more!

Good luck!

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6/28/12 1:39 P

You don't really need to adjust your calorie intake for a one-off increased exercise. Eat at the top of your range, and it should be fine. What matters for weight loss is the total over the course of a week or so... not what you eat/burn in one day! Calorie "banking" (that is, saving calories) is a very common tactic.

6/28/12 1:36 P

I know if I burn more calories than I eat I lose weight but I also know that I need to make sure I'm eating enough calories. Today I took a Zumba class that burned half of my weekly goal! I've essentially doubled my goal in one day. How do I adjust my calorie intake for today? Should I even adjust may calorie intake? The weekends I tend to eat too much. Can I "save" these extra calories burned for the weekend?

What is the best way to plan my calorie intake going forward.

BTW I had such a good time in class today, I'm considering going back this after noon!

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