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1/11/11 11:27 A

The dress I'm ordering won't be in for 8 months which gives me plenty of time to lose weight. The back is a corset which may be an option for you. With a corset you can lose a size and not have to worry about it falling down or if god forbid you gain a size you can still be comfortable (unless its a mermaid fit then the thighs might need to be altered).

Like pre posters said usually a dress can be altered down 1-2 sizes and look good. My mom does alterations and I know I'm always paranoid like any other bride that what you bought isn't going to look the same some months later. Just don't wait too long to order or you may not be getting your dream dress but one that's off the rack.

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1/9/11 2:55 P

I used to work in a bridal salon, and what everyone posted before me is correct. You really need to talk to the salon first - ordering times vary depending on the salon and dress manufacturer.

Generally, dresses can be altered down 1-2 sizes without losing the "look" of the dress. Some styles can be altered down more. Most salons will advise you to order at the size you are now, since it's possible to take a dress in, but often, it's difficult or impossible to let one out if you order a smaller size and don't lose the weight in the way you anticipated.

Also, don't be discourage with sizing! Many of the labels use European sizing for their gowns, which means your size will be 1-2 sizes larger than your street size here in the US.

Your best bet is to talk to your consultant at the salon and explain your situation to see what they advise. They'll be able to guide you to ordering and/or altering a dress best suited to your situation.

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1/7/11 10:48 A

First off, we're date twins! :-)

Secondly, different salons will tell you different things. The place I bought my dress told me I should order a year ahead of time and my dress would come in after 4-5 months yet alterations wouldn't start until a couple months out. So they certainly pad in time. Some places will get your dress in sooner and there are places like David's where you may be able to walk out that day with your dress.

Also to consider: they can usually alter your dress 2 sizes without too much trouble plus as mentioned, corset backs can help tighten up a loose dress.

Dresses can also be completely resized if necessary but it's SUPER EXPENSIVE and the dress may end up fitting completely differently. I was sized horribly incorrectly for a bridesmaid's dress a few years back and paid more for the alterations than the dress and it fit me very differently than the rest of the girls by the time all was said and done.

Anyway it's less than 6 months so at this point, your potential loss is going to be limited by your height, time and committment. Take all that into consideration and best of luck!!

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1/6/11 8:17 P

you could go with a corset back dress that you lace up. it would give you lots of room to work with my dress can come down a little over a dress size if i lose weight and it can go out two inches if for some reason i gain weight before the wedding. my weight fluctuates so much that the corset dress was the only option that allows me to sleep at night.

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1/6/11 6:47 P

Hi, I work at a bridal salon. Find out the ordering times of the gowns you like. And then decide. Talk to the manager or owner of salon and ask want would happen if you lost enough weight to change dress sizes. Give yourself enough time to get alteratons, usually about 6-8 weeks ahead of time. Lots of dresses can be alterd 1-2 sizes down and still maintain the original look. I am struggling with the same thing. My wedding is in October. I know better than to wait too long, but I want to lose a size or two. Good luck!

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1/6/11 3:27 P

I am getting married on July 3, 2011. I have tried on dresses once(which was very discouraging when i learned my dress size) and I have another appointment in a few weeks. I am concerned about getting a dress so soon, and then losing weight and having it not fit right. Can the dresses be altered to accomodate a weight loss? Would it be better to put off buying the dress for a few months?

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