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12/18/11 6:38 P

yeah, he should marry you first show he is all in, then work on the baby business!

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12/18/11 1:05 P

Good for you! Stand by it. You deserve it!

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
12/18/11 12:45 P

i agree with both of you, i have let my boyfriend know i won have a kid unless im married.
i actually told him that when we were togather only couple months lol

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12/18/11 8:00 A

I'm glad No Eql said that.

I agree- if a guy is serious about being a father, he's serious about making the commitment called marriage first.

No ring, no baby. Simple rule!

N0_EQL Posts: 625
12/17/11 10:43 P

Since this is a men's forum and you asked.

I would STRONGLY recommend you have a husband before you have a baby. Stresses on couples are great and multiply with children.

If he is serious about children, he should be serious about marriage.

Remember, you asked.

Merry Christmas

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
12/17/11 8:06 P

why do i find myself looking at baby fit .com ( a sister spark site ) I'm not thinking "omg i need a baby now"

my boyfriend sometimes brings up having a baby and wanting a jr him. he says he does not want to be an old dad he just turned 31 and im about to be 26 (in march).

ive never had that maternal instinct. i wonder if this is my body telling me my time clock is ticking?

i looks at sites where pregnant moms write about being pregnant and then how they feel
about their body afterwards. i even think those baby dolls that look like babys are cute.

just some thoughts

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